Before writing a book, it is critical for you to know why you’re writing and why readers would buy it. Identifying your target audience is vital to your self-publishing and book marketing success. Even if you’re writing an autobiography or a memoir, you have to put your audience in mind and consider how you can find them.

So, why should readers buy your book? That’s a million-dollar question if you’re up for sales. You would care less about that if you only wanted to leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren, whether someone you don’t know will buy the book or not. Your answer also determines how you will work on marketing your book and getting buyers.

They have come to know you.

Obviously, the first people to buy your book are the ones who know you in person, like your relatives, friends, co-workers, and even neighbors. This is where an active social media account becomes an indispensable help to making yourself known. If you haven’t created an account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter yet, you should create one now!

The other ways for potential buyers to find out about you include:

  • Speaking at an event or conference
  • Getting a radio, TV, or podcast interview
  • Collaborating with an influencer, blogger, or content creator

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They have read a post or blog about you.

To know more about why readers should buy your book, you need to check the marketing strategies you did before and after your book launch. First, you should have already known how big your market is. Second, you should have been reaching out to potential buyers through social media posting or blog writing. And lastly, you should be consistently creating online content to boost your author branding and book marketing.

Creating an author website should be the next thing you do. Also, you need to connect with media platforms and marketing agencies to produce press releases and digital marketing initiatives for you.

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They have found you in an online bookstore.

If you are an indie author, you are lucky enough if a buyer found your book on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and even ReadersMagnet bookstore. How they discovered your book on online stores relies on your digital marketing strategies. From posting on your social media accounts to writing blogs on your author’s website, it takes some hard work to make yourself known and direct your readers to your Amazon or ReadersMagnet account.

Finding you online could validate your authority as an author. This is especially true if you’ve established an amicable online presence. From providing factual information on an online bookshop to creating relevant content on your networking site, buying your work is an easy option for an avid reader. You can also comfortably and confidently answer why readers should buy your book.

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They have seen you or your book at a book fair.

Book displays and book signings at national and international book fairs could accelerate your exposure. Attending events, such as the London Book Fair, LA Times Festival of Books, San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books, Printers Row Lit Fest, and even RM Book Confab, could increase the possibility of getting more readers and buyers.

Aside from gaining book buyers, being present at big events could boost your credibility as an author. You can also create a solid connection with educators, librarians, publishers, literary agents, and decision-makers in the industry. With these people within your network, you can establish a good name and attract loyal fans and readers.

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