Being a self-published author is challenging, especially if you don’t have an established authority or influence yet. Digital marketing is a highly personalized way that you can capitalize on to reach out to your current readers and potential buyers in a more affordable manner.

Audience targeting is one of the most critical aspects of marketing, especially for a specific writing genre. Aside from being expensive, TV ads and radio broadcasting have a large but unidentified and non-scalable audience. Digital marketing is designed to address this need to identify the audience and get the best possible results from your efforts.

Customized Audience

Online marketing services, such as Facebook and Instagram Ads, can easily personalize the audience, from age and gender to location and interest. These categories are hard to do with traditional marketing. With internet marketing, you can efficiently and cost-effectively choose the demographics of your advertising to reach your desired audience based on your genre or interest.

And yes, it is important to note that digital platforms offer cheaper but quality and result-oriented strategies. You can conduct your marketing efforts based on your budget—big or small. It’s undoubtedly a user-friendly tool for marketing.

Localized Target

Though local targeting is more useful for brands that provide products and services in a specific area, geographically customizing your audience to your community is a good starting point to market your book before you go national or international. For instance, if you write an autobiography, it is better to market the book to your county, city, or even state first before reaching a bigger audience. This way, you can already establish an influence on people near you who might also share your story among their friends living in or close to your area.

Social media networks, the most significant tool for digital marketing, are specifically perfect for localized targeting. You can create keywords, such as “Fiction Books in San Diego” or “Children’s Books in California.” After that, you can select the age of the audience you want to target.

Globalized Marketing

Nonfiction books are commonly written with universally accepted facts and/or opinions. Though children’s books and novels are crafted out of creative imagination, readers of such genres are also available worldwide. With that, after establishing some kind of authority over your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, digital marketing services are accessible for you to go national and global. Cable advertising and newspaper publication cannot do this, especially not in an affordable method.

YouTube Channels, blog articles, and social media posts can reach a far wider audience for either fiction or nonfiction literary works. Creating a book trailer, writing a persuasive blog, and posting engaging social media content can transform your marketing efforts. This time, instead of using “San Diego” or “California,” you can already just use “fiction books” or “children’s books” in general to reach a wider audience, from your locality to the world.

That seems to be impressive and overwhelming at the same time. You have to remember, though, that you have to do the right strategy at the right time before achieving better results. As a matter of fact, you have to wait for several months or even a year before you get the online marketing success you’ve been expecting to happen unless you’re already a famous author.

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