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Whether it’s paperback, hardcover or in eBook edition, ReadersMagnet Black & White Publishing Services offer quality and affordable options for you and your book.

Children's Book

Children's Book

Children’s Book Publishing Services offer affordable yet top of the line quality that perfectly meets the standard to an awesome full illustrated book.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

ReadersMagnet Marketing Services are designed to get the maximum exposure and publicity for our authors and their books.

Marketing Services

Online Brand Publicity

We make it our responsibility to make sure that your brand gets full SEO and social media mileage through our Online Brand Publicity.

To self-publish with ReadersMagnet is to give you total control of all aspects of your book.
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Louder Than Thunder

“I am very pleased with my new website and with the services that Readers Magnet has provided for me.”


– Cheryl K. Hawkins:

Keri: Coffee, Keri: Dandelions and When You Dare to Love

“This is a very new experience for me. Fred Rivera has been very kind and patient with me as he has guided me through each necessary step. Many thanks to you, Fred.”

– Pamela M. McGee

Jerusalem's Temple Mount: The Hoax of the Millenium!

Sorry! There is No Afterlife! None Goes to Heaven or Hell! Middle East: Blueprint for the Final Solution: The Coming Fall and Rise of Western Democracy “Great people with great service.”

– Mike M Joseph


“I have worked with Giselle Bailey and Marco Lopez who have both been extremely helpful and are very good at their jobs.”

– Elizabeth Rea

The Journey of A Shepherd's Wife

“There were some misunderstandings at first, but once these were strengthened out everything else has gone smooth. Giselle Bailey has been very patient and understanding through the process.”

– Virgina Cooper Stokes

My Art Walk to the Contemporary Masters

Thanks Alex Silva! This shows me that you guys have gotten my book out there and are doing a great job. You have been very helpful. Kept me update and always there whenever I have questions and concerns.

 Dorothy Slikker

– Dorothy Slikker

Bridges by Leatha Patton

Jesus of Nazareth a Man of His Time by Dean R. Eyerly


Matt Marshall's Destiny by Megan Ahasic

Matt Marshall's Destiny by Megan Ahasic


The Neighborhood Kids Short Stories Reader by Richard L. McBain

The Neighborhood Kids Short Stories Reader by Richard L. McBain


Dumping Corporate Garbage Christy O'Hara Books 1, 2, 3 by Dr. Marvin C. McMaster

Dumping Corporate Garbage Christy O'Hara Books 1, 2, 3 by Dr. Marvin C. McMaster


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