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Louder Than Thunder

“I am very pleased with my new website and with the services that Readers Magnet has provided for me.”


– Cheryl K. Hawkins:

Keri: Coffee, Keri: Dandelions and When You Dare to Love

“This is a very new experience for me. Fred Rivera has been very kind and patient with me as he has guided me through each necessary step. Many thanks to you, Fred.”

– Pamela M. McGee

Jerusalem's Temple Mount: The Hoax of the Millenium!

Sorry! There is No Afterlife! None Goes to Heaven or Hell!
Middle East: Blueprint for the Final Solution: The Coming Fall and Rise of Western Democracy

“Great people with great service.”

– Mike M Joseph


“I have worked with Giselle Bailey and Marco Lopez who have both been extremely helpful and are very good at their jobs.”

– Elizabeth Rea

The Journey of A Shepherd's Wife

“There were some misunderstandings at first, but once these were strengthened out everything else has gone smooth. Giselle Bailey has been very patient and understanding through the process.”

– Virgina Cooper Stokes

My Art Walk to the Contemporary Masters

Thanks Alex Silva! This shows me that you guys have gotten my book out there and are doing a great job. You have been very helpful. Kept me update and always there whenever I have questions and concerns.

 Dorothy Slikker

– Dorothy Slikker

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Dirty Laundry Don't Take No Doctor's Orders

Walking Away From Texas

Success Within Your Grasp

Let’s Paint with the Master Artist

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