Brewed in the office. Consulted with marketing experts. Propelled by the publishing consultants. Implemented by the management. The ReadersMagnet Book Confab in Tribeca, New York was astoundingly a successful initiative of giving exposure and building connections for self-published authors.

Born out of the resourcefulness of our brand and marketing buffs at ReadersMagnet, it is beyond our expectations to see the jam-packed Pop-Up space of On The Fringe in NYC. From new indie writers to award-winning authors, the Book Confab in Tribeca is a notable achievement, not only for ReadersMagnet but for the authors as well.

Attended by Celebrities

Actor and producer Alex Hyde-White, the original Fantastic Four film star, has shown up to give an Open Mic speech. He spoke about hoping to have an influence over what authors do. He also gave a little advice saying, “Let’s be careful about trying to control things.” Alex continued by talking about overcoming things and followed it by reading excerpts from his book “In the Volume.”

Jordan Rhodes, the veteran “blue collar” actor, graced an on-the-spot interview during the launching of the ReadersMagnet Book Confab. The actor-turned-author shared his distinctive experience in the world of film, television, and theater, which he penned in his book “The Life of a Blue Collar Actor.”

Joined by Indie Authors

ReadersMagnet is dedicated to serving self-published authors, from publishing their books to marketing them to a well-defined audience. With that noble purpose, the company became one of the finalists of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics this year.

Aside from the two popular personalities mentioned above, it’s expected that most of the attendees are indie authors in need of exposure and marketing propellers. The management of ReadersMagnet was amazed to see authors who flew from distant States just to attend the Book Confab in New York City. Satisfactorily, the authors expressed their contentment with seeing their books displayed, sharing their stories, reading excerpts of their books, and uploading their videos virtually to boost their online presence.

Resulted in Hunger for More

Experiencing success doesn’t happen once in a lifetime because the experience could inspire new ideas and longing to come across the same level of success again.

The original creation of ReadersMagnet reveals the hunger and thirst of self-published authors to get more exposure and be heard by a wider audience. It stimulates the need for a better branding and marketing strategy to get your book to a bigger number of potential readers. And most of all, it discloses the desire of authors to listen to other stories and connect with other authors who can understand them better than anyone else.

You can check our social media accounts to see videos and photos about this triumphant event at 72 Warren Street, Tribeca, New York. For more information and future events, you can directly contact us at 1-800-805-0762 or [email protected]. Get in touch with us today!