Just near where his co-artist Leonardo DiCaprio lives, actor-turned-author Alex Hyde-White is coming to Tribeca, New York this month. Hyde-White joins the gathering of book enthusiasts at the Book Confab organized by ReadersMagnet at 72 Warren Street on October 28 to 30, 2022.

Actor Alex Hyde-White played Dick Kesner in the box-office hit Catch Me If You Can in 2002. It’s a crime comedy-drama directed and produced by Steven Spielberg and starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. This time, Alex comes to New York, not as a divorce lawyer but as a triumphant author. He is ready to make his life and story be heard and shared with the world through ReadersMagnet, a finalist of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics 2022 in San Diego.

A Steven Spielberg Protégé

In a feature interview with ReadersMagnet, Alex Hyde-White shared a story about the phrase “in the volume.” He learned the term when he worked for the third time with the world-famous film director and producer Steven Spielberg. He explained that this filming terminology is about being in the game or being captured on video. Personally, he speaks about it as something that gives meaning to his life as someone who has been “in the volume” throughout his existence.

Growing up as a child of a British actor and turning to take the stage himself, Alex has many stories to share, both sad and happy, where readers can glean life’s wisdom. Writing “In the Volume” seems to be both a destiny and a duty. It’s destiny in the sense that he didn’t know he can put his stories into writing someday. On the other hand, it’s a duty because it’s a form of educating the younger ones about the old and new ways of filming. ReadersMagnet is honored to be part of retelling this story virtually and physically.

An Audible Narrator of the Year

Referring to audiobooks as a satisfying medium, Alex asserted in the same interview with ReadersMagnet, “It’s great to take authors’ work and empower them.” He observed, however, that many authors want to come in and read but are nervous because they’re not actors. This is where he comes in and wants to help and encourage authors to get empowered.

While writing his memoir and even long before doing so, Hyde-White also works as an audio artist in his own company, Punch Audio Production. He actually won the ACX and Audible New Narrator of the Year Award in 2011. This medium of storytelling is also something being explored by ReadersMagnet. It is a way to help indie authors have more options to be creative in sharing their stories with the world.

A Mentor to Authors

“Not a lot of people can tell their stories,” noted Alex. He continued by talking about encouraging independent authors they earned the right to tell their stories. This is especially true when it comes to getting public exposure, which is the specialty of ReadersMagnet, a reputable marketing agency for self-published authors.

The Book Confab in Tribeca is a pop-up event complementary to The Festival of Storytellers and in prelude for the New York Library Association (NYLA) Conference in Saratoga Springs. Aside from book displays and book signings, ReadersMagnet also prepares an Open Mic, BookTok, and Scavenger Hunt for authors and fairgoers. Together with his friends and producers, Alex Hyde-White will be coming to Tribeca as one of the special guests. He will give a short talk and read excerpts from his book. Before the event, Alex already takes an exclusive interview with ReadersMagnet and will have another one at 72 Warren Street between 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. on October 29, 2022.

We believe Alex and ReadersMagnet are meant to meet. We hope that this first event with Hyde-White is the start of a long-lasting author-marketer relationship. Visit www.alexhyde-white.com to learn more about Alex. For more information about how we can be of help to you, please contact us at 1-800-805-0762 or [email protected]. We’re here waiting to help you.