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Delight your readers from print to audio
Speak to your readers and share your story today through an audiobook.

How would your book sound like in crisp and clear audio? How would you like to listen to your own story? How do you want certain potential readers – commuters, gym-goers, joggers, podcast listeners, among others – to enjoy your story?

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With the help of ReadersMagnet Audiobook Publishing, we can make these things happen.
The explosion in the use of multimedia-rich smartphones and tablets has driven the sales of audiobooks, thus signaling the rapid growth of the audiobook publishing industry. However, for self-published authors, the barriers to the transition to audiobooks remain, citing the high cost of production and the technical know-how in producing an audiobook.

You don’t need to know how to produce an audiobook yourself. ReadersMagnet can take care of your entire project for you, from production to distribution. We offer high quality, cost-effective and exceptional audiobook publishing and distribution services to self-published authors.

Audiobook conversion of up to 50,000 words
Your own digital copy of the audiobook
Narration by professional voice-over artists
ISBN Registration
Speak to your readers and let your story be heard anywhere, anytime.

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