Jordan Rhodes seems to have all the creative bases next to his name. In addition to his slash-heavy actor/director/producer subtitle, the multitalented celebrity has given a sincere go at authoring a memoir. This fall, Jordan joins the ReadersMagnet Book Confab to showcase his literary masterpiece in Tribeca, New York.

Jordan Rhodes started acting in theatre before exploring the world of film and television. Among the more than two hundred roles he has in film, television, and theatre are Mr. Majestyk, The Indian Runner, All the Kings Men, House of Good and Evil, The Reporter, Death of a Salesman, and PAPA. ReadersMagnet is honored to have Jordan in its original creation of a gathering for book enthusiasts just where the actor lives: The Empire State of New York.

The Blue Collar Actor on the Spotlight

Despite being an award-winning veteran actor, Jordan Rhodes considers the work of acting similar to a blue collar employee. Based on his exclusive interview with ReadersMagnet, Rhodes worked for different jobs when he first arrived in New York as a young man before entering show business. He also discussed the stars, the lead actors, or the high-paid celebrities, which is about 2% of the artists working in the film industry.

“Supporting actors,” Rhodes asserted, “are like blue-collar workers in any industry.” This is why he chose to call himself a blue collar actor. He added, however, that he doesn’t believe that the leading actors are up high while the supporting or blue collar actors are below them. He even named a few who made it to the top and won Academy Awards.

The Theatrical Career of a Working Actor

Right where he started, Jordan Rhodes made the theatre his home for five decades while doing films and television shows. His versatility and work discipline earned him the praise as “one of the two or three best character actors working today.”

On the stage, Jordan rose to prominence as Ernest Hemingway in his own directed play “PAPA: The Man, the Myth, the Legend.” The show portrays the triumphs and tragedies of Hemingway’s fascinating life. It was written by Jordan himself with Kenneth Vose. Actress Lynn Moore starred as Mary Welsh with Jordan as Ernest. You can find a film version of this drama on IMDb.

The Actor-Author with ReadersMagnet

Jordan asserted in an exclusive interview with ReadersMagnet, “If everybody can read a book and say, ‘Okay, here is a guy that had no connection. He had no father, no mother, no aunt, no uncle, no cousins, nobody connected in the business.’ People stay in the business, not because of connections but because they have talents.” You can watch the feature interview here.

Jordan Rhodes wrote The Life of a Blue Collar Actor to show young people and their parents what to expect in show business. He is going to talk more about his memoir at the ReadersMagnet Book Confab in Tribeca, New York. His LIVE interview will happen before or after the ribbon cutting around 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on October 28, 2022. As a finalist of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics in San Diego this year, RM is honored to have Jordan with us.

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