The previous chapter of The Festival of Storytellers revealed how many authors struggle to find a voice online. One of the problems is having no social media account at all. Indie authors have to realize that creating an online platform is a must to boost author branding and book marketing.

Creating social media accounts is a no-brainer task. The challenge that authors should face is boosting their online presence if they want to reach more readers. Nonetheless, you can’t start building a digital reputation without a platform. If you don’t have an author website, going on social networking sites is the best alternative to boost your publicity.

Online Presence Is a Must

Nowadays, not being online is similar to not existing at all. You can’t expect to get book buyers, let alone readers, without people knowing that you exist in the first place. You can’t also rely on your family members, friends, and neighbors to do the marketing for you, even if you’re an actor or a politician.

Having an online presence is a method that you can utilize to reach as many audiences as you can. Facebook has 2.9 billion active users, Instagram has 1.3 billion worldwide users, and Twitter has 544 million global users. Truth be told: You can’t reach all of them. However, you have to create social media accounts and have the chance to get as many potential readers as possible.

Social Media Boost Your Presence

With the figures above, you can see that being on social media could expand your reach online. People will know that you exist, you have a book, and you have an Amazon or Barnes & Noble account.

What’s good about social networking sites is having a free way of branding yourself and marketing your literary works. You can also maximize the use of trending hashtags, memes, and topics. To advance your efforts, you can also use online advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Online Brand Publicity Increases Visibility

Online brand publicity is a brand and marketing strategy available on ReadersMagnet. From creating a social media page to boosting your posts, OBP is designed to make yourself and your book known. It helps your readers get updated, informs them about your book events, and builds a more substantial and closer relationship with them.

Having an account online does not ensure your visibility. You have to work on it to increase your visibility and grow your followers. With the help of social media services, such as the OBP, you can make your online presence strategic, fulfilling, and revenue-driven.

If you need help in creating your social media accounts, don’t hesitate to contact us. To learn more about the OBP services, reach out to your publishing consultant here at ReadersMagnet. You can go on and talk to us at 1-800-805-0762. Alternatively, you can send a message to We’re here to help you.