After searching the market and completing your manuscript, you might be ready now to look for a platform to publish your book. As you know, self-publishing is the most common choice for new authors. However, choosing the best option from various prospects could be challenging.

Self-publishing platforms usually pertain to companies providing digital forms of books, known as eBooks. Nevertheless, you can also find agencies that offer print alternatives, such as paperback and hardcover. From book distribution to the cost of publishing, you would want to be more informed to make sure that your money and effort are well-invested. Among the top self-publishing choices are Amazon KDP, Apple Books, and NOOK Press.

The Scope of Distribution

You would want to know where your book will be available for distribution. Does your prospect offer Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookshops? You might also want to find out if they exclusively distribute inside the country or ship books outside the United States as well.

The method and marketplace are critical in making your self-published book available to potential buyers and readers. You have to check if the agency is a retailer or an aggregator. The former refers to a single online bookstore where you can upload and sell your book, while the latter distributes your masterpiece to two or more shops.

The Availability of Options

Printed books are still common despite the digital advancements we’re experiencing nowadays. Seeing a paperback or a hardcover version of your book could also give you the feeling of being a more authentic published author. If you’re looking for self-publishing platforms, you have to go with an agency offering different plans and options to publish your novel, memoir, or children’s book.

You might also tend to disregard eBooks altogether. Doing so will give you a little of reaching a wide audience reading through digital devices, such as Kindle, tablet, or even smartphone. Thus, choosing a company that provides an option to publish through print and eBook is the best possible path to take.

The Time and Cost of Publishing

The best advantage of being a self-published author is to be on top of the publishing process. The publishing house will be the one to adjust your timeline. Nevertheless, you might go through different series of editing, proofreading, book cover designing, and layout formatting. And yes, that means you might be spending more than you expected.

Traditional publishing does everything to your book, from book design and illustration to editing and sales. When you decide to self-publish, you have to ensure you have everything you need to make your book more credible and marketable. Book reviews and sales will show if what you’ve done throughout the publishing process is effective or not. If you want a satisfying investment return, you must carefully consider the self-publishing platforms you’re prospecting to work with.

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