In today’s day and age, modern authors can now self-publish their books at the simple click of a button- an easily accessible medium of publishing available at the tip of an author’s fingertips. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made the whole thing more convenient than ever.

Generally speaking, it’s remarkably simple to publish one’s KDP book, which is why it’s gaining steady traction so quickly, particularly among authors who view traditional publishing to be a major obstacle in their writing career. However, the procedure could be daunting at times – particularly if you’d like to ensure you ‘re doing everything right from start to finish, from book design to premier debut.

The overall success of self-publishing with KPD will depend on the author, their books, their genre, and the amount of effort one exerts towards this particular endeavor. But nowadays, it is completely feasible to strive towards earning a decent living wage through Amazon KDP self- publishing (potentially augmented through publishing on Google, Kobo, Apple, etc.).

As you construct a wide variety of titles, build a reader base, secure your email list, and implement your marketing strategies, your revenue should soon follow. Surely though, it’s no easy job of course. Indeed, it will require some slight upfront expenses. It relies on certain innovative publicity and delivery techniques, but it does definitely work.

Infographic Tips In Self Publishing With Amazon Kdp banner

      1. Write your best book 

Sharpen your skills, hone your writing abilities, and make sure you are aware of and up to par with your competition in the particular genre’s market. A well-executed book is the heart of the marketing process. 

2.Invest time in choosing the right title

A good book title isn’t going to guarantee its success, but a badly worded one would likely lead to fewer book sales and won’t quite resonate with readers the way a good one would. First impressions matter. 

3. Propper formatting for KDP compatibility 

Your manuscript needs to be in Word File format to work on the KDP platform. Aside from this, you’ll need further formatting- Amazon’s Kindle Create tool (or, a hired professional) could help.

4. Get the cover right

Again, first impressions do matter- alongside competition, it has to look good in thumbnail, convey a mood indicative of the book’s vibe, and have well-curated typography and image quality.

5. Make sure your book is structured for KDP 

You’ll need all the required front and back matter formatted for your book. Your book structure should include a title page, copyright page, Table of Contents, main book content, and the back matter.

6. Use a good description 

Once potential buyers of your book show interest in it, they’ll check the description next. It should tastefully persuade the readers to buy your book.

7. You’ll need a KDP title page 

The titular page’s text needs to be aligned center with the book’s title, have the author’s name below, directly under that- a page break.

8. Offer a freebie 

Give back to your readers- offer them a free downloadable extra, something to act as a teaser for your next book, or anything you think that would delight your readers.

9. Leave an author’s note 

Use your tone and personality and show direct appreciation (or even compliments) to your beloved readers.

10. Have a website, and preferably even print versions of your book

Readers might love your book so much that they’d appreciate an actual physical copy of it. A complementary well-designed author and book website would also do yourself a huge favor. 

Making sure you have all of these could potentially help you join the ranks of bestselling authors. With the right expertise and proper research, you could make yourself some actual, real-world income as a writer.