As fast as the changing times, self-publishing technologies are becoming more advanced nowadays. With that, publishing books becomes more accessible and less troublesome than before. If you want to start the year successfully, following the path of self-publishing is the best possible decision that you can make.

To self-publish your own book this year, you have to know what people want to read, when to sit down and complete your manuscript, how to choose a self-publishing platform, and more. Fortunately, unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing offers more options to help you get that book in print this year!

Write a book with a favorable market

Aside from writing about topics you’re interested in, you would also want to make sure that there is a big market ready to consume your book. You may check what’s trending on Google, traditional media networks, or social media sites. It is also significant to know if writing nonfiction is more considerable than a novel.

Finish your manuscript on time

Being busy is a common scapegoat for not finishing a book. You can’t be the published author that you want to be without starting and completing your manuscript. You have to find a way to be consistent in writing your book, especially if you’re still an employee or an entrepreneur. Consistency is the key to making your book project successful.

Format the manuscript neatly

Organize your book in a way that is not just pleasing to the eyes of your readers but also excites them to flip the pages. Inaccurate page numbers in the Table of Content might disappoint your fans and lessen your authority in the subject you’re writing about. The spacing, indention, length of paragraphs, and even font size are critical in formatting your manuscript.

Edit and proofread like a pro

You have to be honest with yourself. With the many hours of spending time writing the first, second, and nth drafts, being an editor of your own work could be self-defeating. Your familiarity with your tone or voice in writing could deceive you into thinking that your diction, punctuation, and even spelling don’t already need proofreading. Let a friend, family member, mentor, or even a professional editor check out your book for a more refined manuscript.

Create an eye-catching book cover

When it comes to publishing, readers can judge your book by its cover. A plain, boring, black font with a dark blue background and other unprofessional-looking covers could disappoint potential readers. If you don’t have a keen eye for good design, hiring a professional can benefit your project. After all, smartly investing in your book can do you more good than harm.

Choose a self-publishing platform

Utilizing a self-publishing platform depends on whether you want to publish your manuscript as an e-Book or a printed one. Printed publications also rely on whether you choose a full-colored, black-and-white, or children’s book format. The most popular self-publishing companies include Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), IngramSpark, Barnes & Noble Press, and Lulu. For affordable and wider options, you can also check out the services offered by ReadersMagnet, a finalist of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics last year.

Self-publish the book!

There are more things that you have to consider aside from what we have discussed so far. The items above are just some of the major processes of self-publishing. If done right, you can basically self-publish your own book in 2023 with a high probability rather than not starting and finishing your manuscript at all. You have to remember though that like a business, the return on investment could not come as fast as you expected, especially if you just started building a name in your chosen genre.

For a more personalized piece of advice, feel free to seek the guidance of our experienced publishing consultants here at ReadersMagnet. We have available representatives ready to accommodate you at or 1-800-805-0762. Talk to us today!