Let’s go straight to the point: You can’t expect to sell more of your books without being recognized by your readers. Do you know who your readers are in the first place? How did you make yourself known to them? That’s where author branding comes in.

Author branding is simply building an identity online and offline before and after you self-published your book. It’s about creating a name and a public image that potential readers can recognize and relate to. If you want to be a successful author, you have to build a brand around your name to reinforce your book marketing techniques.

Building an Identity: It’s All About You

Yes, you are the author of a particular novel or historical fiction, but readers would want to know more about you as a writer. Authors with real names and authentic identities tend to be more interesting to readers than the ones using an unknown pen name. This is especially useful if you are regularly attending book fairs.

Author branding is all about you and how your audience or readers identify you. You must use your name consistently, especially if you have a website and social media accounts. Your name on Facebook must be the same on Instagram and Twitter. Also, your name online should be the same as the one in your book. You wouldn’t want your readers to recognize you as someone else.

A Must-Have Before and After Publishing

Author branding is critical before and after you self-published your book. Potential buyers will easily identify you if you’ve already established a name before your masterpiece got printed in a publishing house. The strategy is vital when you already promote your book either through traditional or digital marketing.

Having a brand surrounding your name attracts readership loyalty. Your fans might also become your advocate who’ll help to market your book. Thus, before you think of publishing your book or marketing a self-published one, create buzzwords on your name first.

Finding the Right Audience for Readership

For effective author branding, you have to identify your readers. For instance, if you’re writing about caregiving, you would want to reach out to personal care providers, healthcare staff members, Medicare and Medicaid members, professional and paraprofessional nurses, skilled and non-skilled care facilities, and more. Searching about the age range, location, and even educational background of your audience helps a lot in positioning yourself as an author.

The brand you’ve built around your name must be something that your potential readers can relate to. By being active on social media and blogging regularly, you can be able to understand your audience and potential book buyers. By doing so, you can also become more familiar with yourself, the tone of your voice, and the way of interacting with your audience.

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