Publishing a book does not start and end with finishing your manuscript and submitting it to a publishing house. If you want to attract more readers and buyers, you have to work on your book cover. However impressive the plot of your novel is, no one could read it if your book cover could not catch someone’s attention.

Should you hire a professional book cover designer, then? Unless you’re confident enough with your skills, you should hire an expert to do the job for you. It’s one of the most challenging but exciting discoveries you have as an independent author. The following items will help you understand why you should not disregard the book cover, especially if you look forward to gaining high sales and readership.

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Buyers Judge the Book by Its Cover

Whether you like it or not, readers judge the book by its cover. It is the first to catch the attention of buyers, together with your book title. The fact is that cover elements (color, font, and image) could speak about your genre. These elements can help potential readers to pick and buy your book.

Even after skimming the content of your book, buyers think twice (especially the ones who are keen on details) if they’ll proceed to the cashier or not. Aside from understanding the elements of a design, a professional book cover designer knows the psychology, the genre, and the market you’re trying to reach out to.

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Authors Think of Branding and Marketing

When you choose the path of self-publishing, we assume you’re also thinking about author branding and book marketing. Yes, as an indie author, you should be a business-minded person. Your book is your product; hence, you should do anything you can to make that book speak about your brand. It should be marketable enough to bring your efforts to fruition.

Your book cover must represent your branding aside from your genre. It should also consist of the elements that the potential market of your book could relate to. You can discuss this with a professional book cover designer or a self-publishing agency you’re working with.

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Designers Could Turn a Concept into a Reality

Authors are creatives who have an exceptional command of words. Nonetheless, giving flesh to abstract concepts and ideas could be a bit of a challenge. For instance, how could you turn a mystery novel into an enticing book cover design? What color or color combinations to use for intangible, complicated emotions you’ve dealt with in your autobiographical fiction?

A professional book cover designer is not a psychologist, but the person has a good deal of turning a concept into a reality. The experience (and almost innate skills) of a graphic designer could express your unspeakable ideas and imagination.

As a reliable self-publishing and marketing company in San Diego, ReadersMagnet has a pool of professional graphic designers helping our authors. Contact our publishing consultants for accessible options that could fit your needs. You can reach out to us at [email protected] or 1-800-805-0762 anytime at your convenience. We are here to help you.