Print is not going anywhere despite the rise of digital publishing. However, expertise in advanced technology is necessary to stay updated with the trends. ReadersMagnet will continue to support indie authors in publishing their books and sharing their stories with the world.

When you look at the state of self-publishing in 2023, numbers show how online platforms affect printed media. It has been reported that print book sales fell 6.6% in the first half of 2022. Nonetheless, book publishing statistics go high despite the popularity of video platforms and the decrease in book readership.

Audiobooks, eBooks, and Podcasts

Audiobooks are becoming more in demand due to their convenient features. The voice recording of books is now one of the biggest high-growing sectors in the publishing industry. Nevertheless, eBook publishing surpassed audiobook sales this year. eBook is more popular among self-published authors. ReadersMagnet is trying to explore audiobooks in 2023 in addition to its existing eBook publishing service.

From audio listening to digital reading, podcasting is another option for authors and book lovers. A podcast can be listened to and watched at the same time. According to Linchpin, “Podcast listeners in the US grew from 40 percent to 44 percent of the total population in 2018.”

Trending Genres and Current Affairs

“Non-fiction outsells fiction by a margin of nearly 3-to-2,” says Sarah Bullen of The Writing Room. She further added that religious and inspirational books are the bestselling nonfiction genre ($720 million). On the other hand, Josh Howarth of Exploding Topics has observed the immense popularity of the political genre, a trend that seems to continue through 2024.

Many authors of ReadersMagnet also come from religious and inspirational writers. In addition to that, current affairs are also raging because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the height of political activism. “As of December 2020,” according to Howarth, “the 12 most popular books about Trump had sold more than 3.1 million physical copies.”

Author Branding and Book Marketing

Both traditional publishing and self-publishing depend on author branding and book marketing to get sales. The fast-changing world of the digital age necessitates authors to get more familiar with advanced technologies. ReadersMagnet, a finalist of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics 2022, combines the power of print and digital to help independent authors.

The success of self-publishing in 2023 relies on how you invest more in building your author branding and book marketing strategies. In addition to audio and video platforms, website creation and social media networking are two powerful tools you have to leverage to strengthen your online presence. Looking for a publisher that goes beyond printing books is the best decision you can make to kick-start 2023.

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