Book fairs regularly happen all year long everywhere in the United States. Many events, especially for the LA Time Festival of Books, are designed to educate fairgoers and promote literacy. To make the fairs bookish, entertaining, and celebratory, event organizers invite vendors, publishers, authors, and exhibitors.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (LATFOB) is the largest book fair in the U.S., averaging 150,000 participants per event. It is one of the more than 20 main book fairs happening annually throughout the country. As a regular exhibitor, ReadersMagnet is more than glad to bring its pool of indie authors to the event to share their stories with the world again.

Largest Book Fair in the U.S.

The National Book Festival is supposed to be the largest book fair in the U.S., with 200,000 attendance in 2013. Due to the concern about the grass preservation at the National Mall and Memorial Parks, attendees have lessened since 2014 when the festival was moved to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. NBF has gone virtual since 2020.

After the physical comeback in 2022, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is now the biggest book fair in the United States. Gathered at the 226-acre University of Southern California campus, attendees reached 150,000 last year. Aside from LATFOB, other book events happen annually in California, including Comic Arts Los Angeles and Cultural Traffic.

#BookFest Blended with Entertainment

To make the festival more festive, LATFOB organizers invite musicians, artists, and even chefs to join the event with writers, publishers, exhibitors, and everyone else who is into books. And yes, since we’re talking about the Los Angeles Times, you’ll also be expecting celebrities, journalists, politicians, and even business moguls.

With that, you would not wonder now why the LATFOB is the largest book fair in the U.S. From seeing indie authors and celebrity writers to watching performers and media personalities, the #BookFest will be a celebration of book publishing, music, culture, language, and poetry.

Latest Knowledge in the World of Books

Like all the book fairs in the country, the LA Times Festival of Books is designed to share knowledge concerning updates in book publishing, data gathering, and information dissemination. As the largest book fair in the U.S., authors and publishers attending LATFOB will surely benefit from being updated while building a more extensive network.

Speaking of knowledge, you have to make sure to check out programs and connect with authors in the same genre as yours, such as science, fiction, religion, mystery, memoir, and everything in between. You can share information with each other to stay updated, especially if you’re planning to write a series of books again.

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