Satisfaction could mean differently to authors depending on the goals they have set in publishing a book. For instance, some authors only want to leave a legacy to their children and grandchildren. Getting a book published could already satisfy them. However, some writers really want to make a living or earn big time by producing and selling more books. Not reaching such a goal might cause discontent among these authors.

Satisfaction for a self-published author could be attained in various ways, from creating a feasible marketing plan to building a network of book lovers. Getting high book sales, though an ideal dream, should not be the only motivating factor for publishing a book. We at ReadersMagnet strive to meet the demands of authors based on the specifications they would like to attain as indie writers.

Getting High Book Sales

Let’s face some facts. First, traditional publishers don’t buy manuscripts from unknown writers because they know they can’t gain much when it comes to selling the book. Second, traditional publishers might give some writers a chance to get their works published and hit the bookstore. However, if they fail to sell many copies of the book, they will surely turn down another project from the same author because it might not break out again.

Indeed, getting a high volume of book sales is a big challenge for authors who don’t have a well-established name yet. If that is being experienced even by authors in traditional publishing houses, how much more for a self-published author? Thus, an indie author needs to work harder to get a satisfying amount of book sales.

Creating Strategic Marketing Plan

Though seeing a book get published could already bring satisfaction for a self-published author, our professional marketers at ReadersMagnet don’t stop working by just producing books. We see to it that our clients could reach the audience interested in the same genre they’ve been writing for. Creating a strategic marketing plan is also critical in ensuring to have a considerable amount of book sales.

This is the reason why you need to intensively search for the market of your chosen genre if you want to be a successful published author. We understand that marketing is not your thing, and it’s really challenging if you’re an indie author. Hence, partnering with a self-publishing agency with marketing expertise could ease the pain of doing all the stuff of promoting your book or books.

Building a Big Network of Book Enthusiasts

Turning a novel into a movie is beyond satisfaction for a self-published author. It is a long mile of journey, nonetheless. While you can continually dream about seeing your masterpiece in Hollywood, building a network of like-minded individuals is more achievable and yes, satisfying.

For instance, attending book fairs organized by authoritative libraries, universities, and associations can connect you with librarians, educators, decision-makers, publishers, and others. Building a network is critical for your author branding and book marketing. Associating yourself with reliable names and brands in the industry could boost your authority as an indie author. That, we believe, is more than satisfying.

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