Authors benefit significantly from attending events, whether it’s a national or an international book fair. Increasing book sales is the most ideal result, but indie authors could have a more profound experience beyond having sales. We would love to discuss with you some of the expected outcomes of joining book events.

Attending book fairs is not plausible to some authors. Some entities are even accusing agencies of being scammers merely because of inviting authors to events. However, it is more evident that self-published authors attending book fairs, like the LA Times Festival of Books, can benefit from them than not participating at all. Here are some of what you’ve got as an active attendee.

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You should have built a stronger author brand.

Let’s be honest, most indie authors are not famous. How would you expect to get sales if the people who know you are only your friends, relatives, and former colleagues? By attending book fairs, you start building a name in the industry.

As an author, you become a brand representing your book, genre, and field of expertise. Your author brand starts to build by displaying your books or conducting book signings at book fairs. With your book and your presence, potential readers and buyers begin to notice you. Your name and your literary masterpiece start to represent you as a brand, a brand that gets stronger as time passes by.

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You should have made a more robust book marketing.

Attending book fairs, especially with ReadersMagnet, does not start and end with just participating in the event. You must create a noise before, during, and after the event. Generally, the initiative is called book marketing.

From sending press releases to media networks to posting social media updates, book fairs invigorate your book marketing strategies. This is especially important in our digital era, where people spend more time on the internet than offline. Thus, your online visibility will be more noticeable aside from meeting new faces at the book fair.

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You should have created more substantial connections.

Aside from building your author brand and maximizing your book marketing, attending book fairs helps you create a broader and better network of like-minded individuals. Instead of just having your family, friends, and neighbors beside you, you have now a network of publishers, librarians, academics, illustrators, designers, literary agents, and book lovers alike.

At international book fairs, you should have met foreign rights negotiators, big-time decision-makers, and language translators. You can’t meet these people without attending book events. Self-publishing your book doesn’t start and end by having an account with Amazon and Barnes&Noble. You must go beyond direct selling your book.

For more information about attending book fairs, don’t hesitate to contact our publishing consultants here at ReadersMagnet. You can browse our website to learn more about the book events where our authors have enjoyed time together. Contact us at and 1-800-805-0762 now. We’re excited to see you around soon!