Despite the power of virtual platforms, traditional marketing is not dead yet. Nonetheless, ignoring digital media altogether will make your initiatives inadequate. You must maximize the two strategies to overhaul your author branding and book marketing.

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Combining traditional and digital marketing could take a toll on your workforce and budget, but incorporating as many techniques as possible could revamp your branding and marketing endeavors.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional methods include TV promotion, radio broadcasting, newspaper publicity, billboard advertisement, and other conventional marketing techniques.

The advantages of traditional marketing include a credible medium, loyal audience, wide reach, permanent content, and unforgettable impact. For instance, TV commercials are naturally attention-grabbing, creatively done, and professionally reviewed or edited.

Aside from the costly services, the challenges include unmeasurable data, one-way communication, and standardized methods. Many consumers and even book readers nowadays want to get involved with the brand. They want to react, talk, and be recognized. Marketers also want a better way to measure the results with scalable data. And most of all, brands and authors wish to have more customized or easily tweaked marketing procedures. This is where online or digital marketing comes in.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the newest and trendiest way of marketing products and services—and books in your case. It maximizes the power of high technology brought to us by modern gadgets and digital platforms. The online marketing venues include websites, social media networks, email marketing, search engine marketing, and more.

The benefits of these digital media include measurable data, targeted audience, engaging methods, two-way communication, and customized techniques. For example, Facebook Ads offer a way to determine specific audiences, local and global demographics, personalized graphics, syndicated hyperlinks, engaging content, and scalable results.

The disadvantages of digital initiatives include overpopulated networks, annoying updates, impermanent content, and fast-changing developments. However, working hand in hand with digital marketing experts can help in managing the possible negative effects of online practices. This is especially important if you are an author who is not internet savvy.

Hybrid Marketing

Fortunately, many agencies, like ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing, combine the advantages of traditional and digital marketing services. Since author branding and book marketing are directly connected to the conventional publishing method and influenced by digital strategies, hybrid marketing can be easily incorporated into authors’ initiatives.

For instance, ReadersMagnet will stage the Empire State Book Tour from October 24 to November 6, 2022, by integrating the strength of traditional and digital marketing. The traditional conventions include book fairs, radio interviews, book displays, flyers, print advertisements, and more. Digital marketing consists of online branding publicity, social media ads, press release campaign, and our very own Virtual Book Fair: The Festival of Storytellers.

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