Many authors seem to think they become popular after publishing on Amazon and other distribution platforms. Which, in turn, could increase book sales and establish their branding. Accept it or not, you must build a website to boost your branding and marketing.

An author website builds your branding, which aims to create noise around your name and book title. Amazon is already populated. Putting your book with your name on the platform is not equal to making yourself known. Unless visitors already know your name and book title, they can never know you and your literary masterpiece exist. You can go on and read the items below to learn more.

Domain Name, Your Brand Name

Branding starts with your name. Using your book title as the domain name could be ideal, especially if it is short. However, using your name is far better for establishing an online reputation as an author.

If you’re new to it, the domain name is the name of your author website that appears in the link. It should be easily read and remembered to avoid confusion. Having a website builds your credibility, and you can use it as your digital ID.

Home Page, Your Own Home

Instead of overusing your Amazon link on your social media accounts and marketing materials, you can use your website’s home page. It can be your landing page for all your author branding and book marketing strategies.

Since we’re talking about author branding, you have to make sure that your home page clearly explains what you offer. When your visitors land on your home page, they must easily get what your book is all about aside from knowing you as the author and the title of your book.

Buy Button, Your Selling Point

Yes, the main goal of your author website is to sell your book. But before elaborating more on that, you have to make certain that you don’t just exist to sell. You have to provide relevant content, such as informative or educational blog articles, so your audience will not get irritated by always being offered to buy an item.

Instead of directly selling your novel or memoir, you can just use a “Buy” button (or similar to that) to direct the reader to your online shop. Yes, you should have a separate page that directs your website visitors to where they can order and buy your book.

For more information about author branding, read this blog. To learn more about blogging as an author, revisit this article. If you need further assistance, your ReadersMagnet’s publishing consultant is more than glad to help you. Contact us at or 1-800-805-0762 today!