Based on our experience, many authors have a hard time using social media platforms, let alone the internet. From creating author websites to updating social networking sites, you have to learn the methods of author branding and book marketing the digital way. You have to take advantage of digital platforms to get through to your readers and buyers.

Being active online as an indie author is a must if you want to get the best out of the digital marketing efforts done for your book. You should go where potential readers and buyers are hanging around. Needless to say, online sites attract millions and millions of users gathering around for shopping ideas, book reviews, how-to tips, and more.

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To build your online presence.

Online presence refers to your digital footprints people can search when they go to Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, and other platforms. Being active online as an indie author is critical in building a credible and long-lasting authority. The more active you are, the more content you can provide. The more content you have, the more data people can review before they buy and read your book or even listen to you when you talk.

To establish your online presence, you have to be present on different social media networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To have a more solid name, you can create an author website where you can lead your followers to learn more about you, your book, and even your upcoming events.

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To recalibrate your author branding.

Author branding speaks more of how the audience or followers experience your content. Indie authors who are active online can create a name and authority like popular brands do. You can’t establish such a brand if you are not active online, let alone non-existent.

Readers buy books if they know more about the author or have established some kind of familiarity with the writer. Hence, by being active online, you can recalibrate your author branding and get as much exposure as possible.

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To revamp your book marketing strategies.

Gone are the days when you have to print flyers, stickers, and posters and hand them down to random people in the streets. Posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is both FREE (if you do the posting yourself) and hassle-free. That’s how beneficial online book marketing is.

Understanding social media marketing, blogging, influencer marketing, and anything about online marketing can help you rethink and replan your book marketing methods. Being active online as an indie author is enough to help you learn the ins and outs of the industry.

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