Owning a Facebook Page as an indie author is a must for the digital marketing strategies of your book. Creating a page is easy; maintaining it is another story. It would also take time for you to see the results of your efforts, but you have to explore everything that you can learn in managing your Page.

Being a Facebook Page Admin is somewhat challenging, but you can actually be familiar with the tools available to boost your online presence. The fact of the matter is that writing a book and publishing it takes more time and effort than managing a Page. With just a few discoveries and executions from the Facebook application, you can eventually take the mastery managing your Page. You can go on and read more to find out what you can do to revamp your social media marketing.

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Facebook Page Access

One of the not-so-secret works of a Facebook Page Admin is having full Facebook access to the platform. Having Facebook access means having full control of the content, messages, comments, ads, and insights of the Page. You can also add or remove linked accounts, like Instagram. Since Facebook is not completely comfortable and favorable for all, you also have the power to remove or ban people from your Page.

If you’ve been attending book events, such as the London Book Fair, LA Times Festival of Books, or RM Book Confab, you can create events on your Facebook Page. It’s a great way for you to announce your book displays, book signings, and other important milestones. Most of all, you can also access the Settings tab that allows you to get your Page information or even delete your Page.

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Manager and Moderator

Automatically, if you’re the Facebook Page Admin, you already have the manager roles. With that role, you can create posts and send messages as the Page instead of your personal profile name.

When Meta updated the Facebook apps to the new experience, the Moderator role was already scratched. It is now under Task Access, which has partial control of the Page. Moderators can monitor the comments and messages to make sure that inappropriate behaviors are under-checked. They can also post on the Page and the Group your platform is connected to.

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Content Creator and Editor

Creating content is the main purpose of having a Facebook Page. Hence, as an Admin, you must be the one or the chief person creating graphics, images, texts, surveys, and more. Yes, this is the most challenging job of a Facebook Page Admin. It is necessary for you to plan what type of content you want to produce for your audience or followers.

As a Content Creator, you would also want everything checked or proofread before posting. Thus, you will also do the task of an Editor. The Editor can have more things to do than a Moderator. The former has to edit the posts, messages, graphics, and even comments. If you have an Editor, you can give the person partial access to the Page.

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Advertiser and Insight Analyst

This might be the one that would interest you the most if the sole purpose of your platform is to market and sell your books. Nonetheless, before we dive into these tasks, we want to remind you that people don’t like to be bombarded with sales pitches. It is vital for you to learn how to balance relevant content with your advertising initiatives.

Facebook has an Ads Manager that you can control via Meta Business Suite. You can advertise a post, promote your page, or create a new ad to sell your book or books. The platform allows you to monitor the progress of your ads and get the results from a completed promotion.

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