Making your book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ReadersMagnet, and other online bookstores helps you gain profit. However, have you thought buyers would need further information about you and your book before adding your item to the cart? That includes finding you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Avid readers desire to find out more about authors and the literary masterpieces they’ve created. Aside from Google, social media platforms are the places where many internet users gather to look for more information. Not acquiring more details about your background might disappoint potential buyers of your book, especially if online book shops don’t have enough data about you and your work.

Though social networks might have some disadvantages, having social media profiles have many benefits that you can take advantage of.

Be Searchable Online

You’ll be lucky if a reader or buyer happens to find out about your name and your book title on Amazon or via recommendation. After getting your name, they will surely put it on the Google search bar to find out more about where they can get information concerning you and your book. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the top social media sites that can be found on the first page of any search engine, like Google and Yahoo! Making yourself searchable through these platforms will create a positive impression about you. This is especially true if you have a website of your own in addition to your social accounts.

Establish an Authority

The more you are searchable online, the more you can build credibility among your fans and potential readers. You can establish authority by regularly updating information about your novel, children’s book, poetry, and other literary creations. If done right, your social media pages can be a go-to place when people are looking for information related to your genre.

Being an authority could also mean being a thought leader. This is particularly true for authors who are using their platforms to educate readers, give writing tips, update about book events, share free books, conduct live interviews, and more valuable content.

Connect with Your Readers

Aside from knowing more about you as an author and reading your fiction or nonfiction book, readers might also want to get connected with you. Through your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can build strong and healthy relationships with your avid fans. These fans could become your advocates, supporters, defenders, endorsers, and even friends instead of just followers.

The innate two-way communication that social media networks provide is highly significant for readers who have many questions after reading your work. They might also want to request a series or sequel to your novel. You can also gain ideas for future projects by engaging with your online followers.

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