More challenging than writing and publishing is distributing your book to potential buyers. We assumed that before writing the book, you’d already researched and thought about whether it can be marketable or not. Let’s discuss further how to market and distribute your literary masterpiece.

Distribution channels for self-published books are innumerable. However, knowing what options work for you depends on your efforts and investments. If you decide to work with service providers, you would want to know how the distribution works and what expectations you should anticipate. Continue reading to get ideas on how to distribute your book.

Do It Yourself

If you think you’ve already invested a lot in self-publishing your book and doing more on marketing could be expensive, you can do the distribution initiatives yourself. You may create a website for your book (this should be working before your book is launched). Make sure to write blog articles regularly to supplement your book marketing and encourage visitors to come back to your site.

Aside from your author website, you may also create a podcast or even a YouTube channel where you can speak more about your books and other interests related to your genre. And, of course, being on social media platforms is a big advantage for you as you build an online presence and strengthen your book marketing efforts.

Book Retailers

Retailers are distribution channels or bookstores online. Authors can publish and distribute through these sites. The most popular book retailers are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IngramSpark. Many of these platforms already do the printing, shipping, and distribution of books.

Another type of online self-publishing site is called an aggregator. Unlike retailers, they can distribute your book to more than two shops. When looking for a platform, you may inquire if they can ship or distribute outside the United States. Nonetheless, eBooks are available on reading devices, like Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks, making your book accessible digitally.

Book Marketers

If you can’t do the distribution yourself and you think online retailers are not enough, you can go on and work with professional and experienced book marketing agencies. You can find self-publishing companies providing distribution channels to market your masterpiece.

Aside from online marketing techniques, such as Google Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing, book marketing agencies can connect you with physical bookstores, libraries, educators, literary agents, and thought leaders through book fairs and other means of promotion. You can also take advantage of expert advice from publishing consultants.

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