Self-publishing is an exciting journey both for old and new authors. Author branding and book marketing are the two significant elements you should master if you want to be successful in this venture.

Book marketing is how to make your literary masterpiece get to your readers. It goes hand in hand with author branding. There are many ways how to make your book marketable. First, you don’t want to write a book no one would like to read. Second, you would want to know you are your potential readers. Third, you must have a plan for how to market your book. Fourth, you must have an online presence aside from your personal connections. And lastly, you have to search for and know the best possible way how to distribute your book.

1. Write a book people want to read.

To be successful with your book writing, you have to write with a purpose. That means you have to write with a particular audience in mind. For instance, a nonfiction book must be written to share your story, impart your wisdom, or inspire your readers. Before writing on that blank paper, you have to think if someone would love to read it. That’s where the second point comes in.

2. Identify the readers of your genre.

Knowing who would be reading your book helps a lot in crafting your novel or building a persuasive self-help book. Go on and search on Google about your target market, identify the age range and interests they have, and find out what kind of book they love reading. You may also visit your local library to know what books are popular with readers.

3. Create a pre-launch marketing plan.

While writing your book, you should already be thinking about how to put that paper on someone’s lap or bookshelf. Book marketing is as critical as writing the book itself unless you’re writing only for yourself, family members, and friends. Do not wait for your book to launch before you plan how to market it to your identified audience.

4. Build online and offline author branding.

One of the essential tools of a book marketing plan is building a brand around your name as an author. The practice is popularly known as author branding. You’re lucky if you’re already famous before writing your book. But if not, you have to work on building your name. For instance, creating a blog site and social media accounts gives you an upper hand compared to authors who don’t have online footprints at all.

5. Choose the right self-publishing platform.

Self-publishing companies should be your partner. The best choice is an agency that doesn’t leave you after you get the printed copy of your book. Also, aggregators are better to choose than retailers. The former offers more distributing channels for your book, while the latter only focuses on a single platform.

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