With the loosening of restrictions after the pandemic, people start to gather for huge events again. Conventions after conventions continue to rise again, not only nationally but globally as well. Is going abroad to market your book already an option to consider this 2023?

International book fairs were immensely affected during the spread of the coronavirus disease of 2019. Hence, virtual book fairs catapulted to popularity. As we transition to a better state, hybrid events (a combination of virtual and physical events) become a bridge to condition the atmosphere of face-to-face book fairs. With the smooth transition, globally known book fairs in London, Guadalajara, Frankfurt, and even Beijing anticipate welcoming more participants again.

In-person events are still popular.

Whether you like it or not, in-person events are still the top choice, not only for business establishments but also for authors, publishers, literary agents, and the like. People still choose to have more personal interaction, exchanging business cards, signing books in person, and buying rights in actual dealing.

The longing for in-person events could drive others to pursue going to international book fairs this year. Though safe and convenient, virtual alternatives are less than satisfying to fairgoers. Authors, publishers, and readers are glad to see each other and arrange negotiations in person.

Going international broadens your audience.

This is especially important if your book is not locally or regionally exclusive. Fiction genres, such as novel, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and women’s fiction, could be universally welcomed by readers. That is the same with nonfiction dealing with general topics in religion, self-help, philosophy, science, medicine, and more.

Have you thought of meeting fans and readers from the other side of the globe? If you have social media platforms and your book is available on Amazon, you might have gained a following from other countries. Going to London, Mexico, Germany, and other book fairs could give you a chance to meet the locals and widen your audience.

Rights buyers are customary in international book fairs.

If you dream of seeing your mystery novel or young adult book (like The Hunger Games and Twilight), you might find a producer or someone from the film who would buy your book rights. Publishers and decision-makers are more than willing to fly to international book fairs to search for hot manuscripts they would not have thought existed.

A specialized rights center, where agents, international rights directors, and publishers can gather to negotiate arrangements, is present at most book fairs and trade shows. Whether you’ll be coming independently or with a publisher, you might have the chance to find the right person or agency to work with for your literary masterpiece.

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