Do you feel frustrated for not having the big number of sales you’re expecting after intensive book marketing initiatives? What have you done so far anyway? Have you created an Amazon profile and just wait for potential buyers to find you there and get your book?

Finding reasons why your book marketing is not working is essential before considering your next move. We created this blog article to help you in revisiting your efforts and realign them to get the best possible result. We at ReadersMagnet, the only publishing company that became a finalist of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics in 2022, are your partners in marketing the book you’ve worked so hard to publish.

You Don’t Have a Strong Online Presence

Accept it or not, traditional marketing is not already enough nowadays. Aside from expensive radio and TV ads, old-school marketing might not find the right audience for your book. Most people today spend more time online than watching TV or listening to the radio.

If you’re wondering why your book marketing is not working, it might be because you don’t have an online presence yet. Do you already have a website and social media accounts? Do not wait until you finished publishing your book before creating a website or social media platforms. Marketing your book online must be done before, during, and after publishing your literary work.

You’re Too Focused on Selling Books

We understand the frustration of not having a lot of sales on your books after spending too much time, money, and effort. However, focusing too much on selling your books could push your potential buyers away. Many people are not happy to be always sold on.

Selling books is fine but doing it excessively might do worse to your efforts than good. If you are regularly writing a blog or posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you have to make sure to offer relevant content as well. Instead of doing hard selling, you can also give tips about writing, inspirational quotations, ideas about self-publishing a book, and more. Promote your book wisely while providing relevant content at the same time to avoid your audience feeling forced to buy your book.

You Are Not Attending Book Fairs

Having an account with Amazon and Barnes&Noble can help your marketing effort. However, relying too much on your online bookstore profiles could be one of the reasons why your book marketing is not working.

Aside from making your books available in digital shops, you might also need to consider displaying them at national or international book fairs. You can then maximize your website and social media accounts to boost your attendance at a particular in-person event. Adding this initiative on top of your book marketing efforts can increase the potential of having book buyers aside from building a strong author branding and a network of book enthusiasts.

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