Collectively sharing stories with the world through Book Display.

The primary purpose of book fairs is to promote books. While it is important for an author to have his book gain as much publicity as it can get, being attached to a refutable publishing company is equally important. ReadersMagnet gives equal exposure and opportunities for all its authors.

Author Alan Hall getting ready for the book signing event (Day 1).
Author Alan Hall getting ready for the book signing event (Day 1).

By attending international book fairs such as the Miami Book Fair and the LA Times Festival of Books, ReadersMagnet is able to promote not only its published titles but its publishing brand as well.

ReadersMagnet wants to include as many authors as possible. The more authors signing up to ReadersMagnet as their book exhibitor, the more it increases ReadersMagnet’s authority. This will help increase ReadersMagnet’s capability to promote every book in its shelf.

Last weekend, ReadersMagnet successfully attended the annual LA Times Festival of Books. Over 160 titles were on display. Participating authors showed their support to ReadersMagnet and their fellow authors both online and by actually showing up on site.

During the fair, authors were able to interact not only with their fans but also with fellow ReadersMagnet authors. This is also the first time that ReadersMagnet held a live feed via Facebook much to the delight of its authors who gamely posted real-time comments.

ReadersMagnet book signing events help authors appreciate each other’s journey.

Authors Byron Conner (The Face of Hunger) and Katherine West-Penkwitz (Handcuffs in the Sand) sharing a light moment.

Book signing is an important part of the book fair content distribution program of ReadersMagnet. Aside from giving authors the opportunity to promote their books to an audience in person, it also gives them the chance to interact with their fans and fellow authors.

Nevertheless, how important is it for fans to get to see and interact with authors?

When people read your book, the first thing they will remember is the title and the story that goes with it. To most readers, the author is just a name. Meeting the author means a lot to readers simply because it makes them realize that the book they are reading is a product of someone they actually know. It increases their appreciation of the book and further establishes the author’s credibility. It also brings people together. Meeting other authors is a chance to discuss and appreciate each other’s work as well.

And ReadersMagnet is all about sharing stories and bringing people together.

The ReadersMagnet family is growing with each book fair.

1 each year, ReadersMagnet continues to conquer new book fairs and meet new friends.

The 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is just the first of many book fairs that ReadersMagnet hopes to attend this year. It is also the latest addition to their list of international book fairs. Last year, ReadersMagnet attended the Miami Book Fair International for the first time. Each year, ReadersMagnet is adding more milestones along with its increasing number of published authors.

With the launching of Authors’ Lounge and new book fairs, ReadersMagnet is building not only a family of authors but also a community of authors and book lovers.

Next stop is the 2019 New York Rights Fair. Sign up with ReadersMagnet and be part of their growing family. Contact ReadersMagnet at their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at [email protected] for more details.