From the term itself, Online Brand Publicity (OBP) focuses on making your brand visible to the public, specifically to online users. As an author, you would want your book to attract readers. Going online is the best way to do that.

Though traditional publishing and marketing are still strong in the digital age, being not online (such as not having a Facebook page or a website) is similar to working on a typewriter instead of a personal computer (PC). The idea is simple: Why make things hard if you can do the same way better, faster, and more efficiently? Why use a typewriter if a PC can make the work easier and cleaner? Why print flyers and pass them to people on busy streets if you can advertise affordably on a Facebook page?

Don’t get us wrong. Practicing the old ways from old schools is fine, but doing or adding more trendy marketing strategies will revamp your efforts.

Boosts Your Online Presence

Being online helps you to get noticed by potential buyers or readers of your book. Instead of just having your direct family and friends around you, getting noticed by a website or social media users will boost your online presence. Making your book available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble helps you a lot. However, how could people know you have items available in online bookstores? How could they know you have a book or you exist in the first place? That’s where OBP or Online Brand Publicity comes in.

Strengthens Your Author Branding

Yes, you are a brand. Your name and book title represent a brand looking for buyers or readers online. Whether you like it or not, your book is similar to products or items sold online. And again, your book bears your precious name on it. Hiring the expertise of online brand publicists will build your credibility as an author. Aside from making you and your book being known, OBP manages your author branding in a way big brands protect their name. The thing is that being online is putting you on the same level or status as the big names in the industry you move or live in.

Builds Connections and Engagements

Traditional TV and radio ads use one-way communication. Viewers and listeners don’t have the capacity to respond or react to what is being presented to them. On the other hand, when you tweet a book review or write a blog article, your readers can react to your content. If done right, this type of online brand publicity will help you build healthy connections and engagements with your fans and potential readers. After all, social media platforms are designed to build communities of like-minded people where they can interact with each other.

The three items listed above are just a few of the many benefits of taking advantage of the OBP service. From boosting your virtual presence to building author-reader relationships, OBP can go beyond getting more readers for your literary masterpiece.

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