The digital platform is the largest venue for authors to promote their books. A self-published author must compete with thousands of other authors within the same genre alone. As such, it is essential for each author to maximize whatever tool available in order market his or her brand. An online marketing campaign can make or break an author’s career.

You can start with C.S. Lakin’s comprehensive guide to building an author website that includes actionable steps based on her personal experience of writing and publishing 30+ books in the last 10 years. Here’s the link:

Here are 12 author websites according to, are examples of ‘effective and personal author marketing’:

Putting a Premium on Author Website

Every author needs a strategic home base online. A dynamic website serves as a launching pad for all his or her book promotion effort. The author’s website contains all the basic materials needed to promote the brand online. It features the author information, product descriptions (book synopsis), blogs, book trailers, updates, payment portal, and contact information.

The Sweeping Social Media Campaign

Effective campaigns whether political or economic in nature has two major elements: the build-up and sweeping actions. Your website is an example of a build-up. Most of the time, your efforts are scheduled and are well calculated. Social media also works like that, except for one crucial factor- pace.

Social media is fast, flexible, and involves a lot of quick reaction. If you do not have updates about what is viral and trending, chances are you will get behind. The very nature of social media platforms that makes it an effective weapon for a sweeping campaign. If you want your content or material quickly noticed by the largest number of audience possible, have it posted in various social media platforms. In fact, social media is home to some of the best digital marketing campaigns these past few years.

Jane Friedman, Joanna Penn, and Jeff Goins are just three authors and bloggers that have thousands of followers on social media.

Getting the word out through press release remains one of the most reliable method in establishing your reputation.

A screenshot of one of ReadersMagnet’s WPR through WebWire.

In the online world, press releases are not exclusive to media outlets. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can avail of various web press release services and even create their own press release with the help of service providers.

Another great thing about web press release is the development of tools and applications in creating and uploading press release documents. Most of them are tailored-fit depending on the nature and the scope of the press release.

Mobile apps make it even easier to access these web press release tools.

Sharing Your Story with the World

Creating online brand publicity means establishing your reputation online. This means reaching out to your audience for them to know that you exist outside the front and back covers of your book.

Author Blog

Maintaining a weekly blog has its benefits. Writing regularly means providing fresh content for your author website. More content means more engagement with your visitors or readers. You also get to write on numerous topics such as updates and commentaries about your brand and above your genre. Having fresh content also can also increase not only your site traffic but also links, thus expanding your online publicity. By having your articles optimized, you are able to backlink to other reputable sites of the same industry. SEO through Blogging still remains a potent weapon to generate traffic and links. Lastly, when readers see your blogs they will know that you are a writer who is serious about his craft.

Book Trailers

As far as being a serious writer is concerned, producing and uploading your very own book trailer is a pretty serious business. Book Trailers lets your audience get a glimpse about your book. The good thing about having your own book trailer is that you get to post them not only to your website but also to social media platforms and other media sharing sites with thousands of viewers.

Byron Conner’s The Face of Hunger

Online book marketing campaign can make or break an author’s career. It is crucial for the survival of the author and his brand. ReadersMagnet Marketing Services offers a comprehensive approach towards designing online brand publicity. Contact ReadersMagnet at their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at [email protected] for more details.