So, you want to write an essay instead of a novel, fantasy, or science fiction. Yet, you’re thinking about how to start and complete your book project. There are lots of questions that you have to consider before you go on and write your first draft.

Thinking about how to be a successful published nonfiction author could add gray to your hair. From checking the market of the topic you’re dealing with to verifying whether you’re the right person to write the book, you need to consider many things to make the word “successful” a reality. Today, we give three critical questions you have to think about as you walk the path toward your literary success.

Is there a large market for your topic to justify publishing the book?

Aside from asking your friends and colleagues, check the internet about how big the crowd is for your topic. You may also ask your local librarian about the most common books being borrowed or read. You have to avoid writing a highly specialized book with a small readership. You would want your book to be one of those that appeals to a broad readership, or at least to a significant portion of the general populace.

Nonfiction topics can either be too general or very specific. You must persuade your potential publisher that you have a big audience, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands or millions.

What’s different or better about your book compared with others?

To be a successful published nonfiction author, you have to recognize that you write to help people resolve their problems. That’s what makes nonfiction different from fiction. Whether you write a how-to, self-help, reference, or cookbook, you must offer tips, advice, and cookbooks that motivate readers.

For sure, you have references for writing books on similar topics. You have to make sure that you have a different or better approach. You might expound on the existing issues in books or add to what is lacking. For instance, new studies might have been released in public that offer different and better perspectives to solve societal problems.

Are you the right person to write the book?

This is the reason why you have to write a book with a topic you are most familiar with. It might be based on what you have studied for a long time or what you have worked with as a professional. You might also consider writing blogs surrounding your topic and establishing authority in that particular subject.

Unless you’re the expert on the subject the book is dealing with, your dream to be a successful published nonfiction author is blurry. Readers usually read about the author first before consuming the literary work. If they feel that you’re not the right person to tackle the subject, your published book might be hard to sell, let alone put in a library.

There are more things to consider if you want to be a successful published nonfiction author. You can go on and read more articles to get ideas. For further information about the process of publishing a book, feel free to reach out to our professional consultants here at ReadersMagnet. You can get in touch with us at and 1-800-805-0762 today! We are here to help you.