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With the new year coming soon enough, authors looking to begin the year with something productive might want to draw up plans to join book conventions and meetups and, generally, establish connections and get the word out.

If you’re hyped for a bright year ahead, clear your schedules and know what to do during next year’s ALA-LLX in Louisiana!

What to Expect during #LibLearnX23

The American Library Association is looking to start the new year with a bang with the annual return of The Library Learning Experience—this time hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Big Easy by the Mississippi on January 27-30, 2023, in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. 

Although primarily for library professionals to congregate and exchange experiences, the LLX is an excellent place for authors and publishers to learn, network, and collaborate too! 

In the LLX Marketplace, more than 200 exhibitors (including Disney Publishing, ReadersMagnet, Penguin Random House, VIZ Media, National Geographic Books, and more!) will be convening to talk about all their new titles, products, tools, services and what to do during the whole event.

For authors looking to take advantage of the new year and start it off with pomp, prepare for powerful lessons, information about recent trends, and the chance to take that first step in the industry, here’s what you can expect what to do during #LibLearnX23!

  1. Be a part of one of the season’s most extensive and collaborative spaces for book lovers anywhere in the world. You can practically smell that new book scent!
  2. Listen to the most brilliant thought leaders, authors, and experts. Find motivation in their words—and you might find inspiration for a new book or two!
  3. Learn what’s new in the industry; get a pulse on what’s sizzling and what’s getting heat. Innovation is the key to success; you need to take advantage of that!
  4. Discover what’s abuzz in the book community and grasp novel and creative approaches with technology and traditional venues with various Ideas Xchange sessions to get your book to as many people as possible!
  5. Talk shop in the many ShopTalk sessions focusing on specific ideas and projects and grab the opportunity to learn more about practical knowledge and tips on organizing book spaces you want to prop up in the future.
  6. Network with organizations and individuals you are interested in, but also be open to getting to know people you weren’t expecting to get acquainted with—in every industry, having a firm web of trusted relationships is always important. It’s not any different in publishing!
  7. (If you can’t attend) Experience the event virtually and get access to specially curated sessions that include all the significant events and more!
  8. Take note of the many services and tools offered in the busy LLX Marketplace, learning which publishing company can provide you with the best options and gaining a general vibe of the best practices, especially for newbie authors.
  9. Participate in the opportunity to give back to the community with the ALA Gives Back program, connect with the people of New Orleans and learn more about the Big Easy!
  10. Celebrate your love for writing and books! Let it be known what your favorite books are and who your favorite authors are, and enjoy this four-day-long commemoration of literature!

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