The scavenger hunt is a game also known as a treasure hunt. It is commonly played physically with a group or individually. The TFOS Scavenger Hunt is a highly modified online version. You can play it in the convenience of your home and get a chance to win a Kindle.

The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS) is a book fair where thousands of fairgoers worldwide gather virtually. This arrangement comes in to address the need to reconnect authors and book lovers alike during the pandemic. It’s an initiative of ReadersMagnet to make sure that no author is left behind.

Online Games

To make the festival exciting, online games are designed and prepared for eventgoers. The games are not just made to entertain. They are also created to educate, inform, and remind you about a particular book and its author. The more exciting part is winning a prize while playing the online scavenger hunt.

Winning a Kindle is not a small thing. You would agree to that if you’re a book lover who prefers to read on a portable gadget designed to be eye-friendly. This is especially important if you regularly travel and you don’t like to waste your time on a train or plane without having something to read.

Authors & Books Matchmaking

Would it be easy for you to recognize the book cover of your favorite author? Can you easily identify the author by seeing the book title? How about guessing the book title of the writer you admire?

Matchmaking authors with their respective books is one of the thrilling parts of the scavenger hunt. You can see this game on the Adventure page of the TFOS platform. You’ll be given a particular time to finish the game with the goal to get a 100% score.

Character & Author Matchmaker

Aside from matching an author to his or her book, you can also play a game where you can match a fictional character with its creator or author. You would not need to worry because the characters are just as popular as the authors themselves. Winning a Kindle would not be hard for you this time, especially if you’ve read the classics in English literature.

The time given for this game is similar to Authors & Books Matching but it has more items to identify. But then again, this would be a piece of cake for you.

There are more games you can play on the TFOS website. It would not make you feel like really hunting something similar to a scavenger. It’s a combination of playing, having fun, and learning while waiting for a chance to get a brand-new Kindle for your next reading sessions.

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