ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing Company, consistent in its programs and mission of helping authors, continues to prove its detractors wrong.

It’s already 2022, but Readers Magnet continues to feature in threads and discussions naming the company a scam and among the bogus publishing houses successfully extorting unsuspecting authors. While ReadersMagnet has already issued statements one after another and omnibus replies to these posts affirming our business’s legitimacy and mission, there are still those who raise the issue repeatedly, deliberately besmirching our good name and reputation online.

Once again (and we will never grow tired of declaring), ReadersMagnet is NOT a scam. Since its inception five years ago, ReadersMagnet has always served its client authors diligently and with integrity. It has consistently joined book fair events, presenting itself to its clients. What started as a team of publishing and marketing experts has become a company of dedicated publishing consultants and specialists providing a wide array of publishing and book marketing services. It has also earned recognition from various personalities and organizations within the publishing industry.

If these aren’t enough proof to shut down these allegations, perhaps, the points below will.

Its business is listed on various sites (ReadersMagnet is registered with Better Business Bureau and holds a BBB rating of A+). It has also worked with credible and established individuals and programs (America Tonight with Kate Delaney, People of Distinction with Benjie Cole, This Week in America with Ric Bratton etc.). Over the years, ReadersMagnet has garnered reviews from numerous business sites, proving its quality service and diligence.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, ReadersMagnet remained steadfast in its commitment to sharing stories with the world with its various programs and participation in virtual book events.

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, ReadersMagnet did not stop its operations. Instead, it sought and innovated other ways to promote its authors and their respective books. Through its WTO program (Web Traffic Optimization), ReadersMagnet found new platforms to intensify its book marketing campaign. Most organizers canceled their annual book events, and ReadersMagnet decided to participate in virtual book events sponsored by established book fairs. More importantly, ReadersMagnet decided to launch its very own virtual book fair and literary award program- The Festival of Stories (TFOS) and Storyteller’s Quill Awards (SQA). Both virtual events received a warm welcome from authors, writers, and book lovers.

One highlight during the pandemic is the increased number of client-authors who, despite the times of uncertainty and anxiety brought by the pandemic, put their trust and faith in ReadersMagnet. In return, ReadersMagnet intensified its book marketing campaign and found new ways to improve its book publishing services.

ReadersMagnet continues to reap positive reviews and has embraced several milestones in services, organization, and postering solidarity within the publishing industry. Indeed, ReadersMagnet remained relevant and sought-after despite the obstacles thrown her way. That’s more than what we can say for individuals and groups desperately trying to put our good company down.

ReadersMagnet will continue to sincerely serve its clients’ and always put their best interests at heart as long as there are authors to promote and stories worthy of readership.

While ReadersMagnet commonly receives criticisms, negative feedback, and even assaults on its reputation, it will continue to provide quality and honest service to its clients, whether self-publishing authors or established ones. Taking all feedback and turning them into lessons, ReadersMagnet promises to continue improving its services and programs.

As we enter another year, authors and clients can be sure of ReadersMagnet’s commitment to promoting books and authors. Its participation in the upcoming Tucson Festival of Books and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books proves our unwavering commitment to bringing authors to a broader audience and exposing them to a larger community.

Earlier this month, ReadersMagnet launched its latest line of service, The New York Times Book Review Magazine featuring several packages. The continuing expansion of ReadersMagnet’s publishing and book marketing services proves that the company provides legitimate and efficient products and services that have benefitted hundreds of authors these past years.

Ultimately, ReadersMagnet aims to further solidify its reputation as a reliable and sincere publishing partner through its services, programs, and active participation in various legitimate and prestigious book events and publishing communities.