ReadersMagnet prides itself in championing the cause of sharing stories with the world and is therefore committed to its role in promoting online visibility and the reputation of its authors. ReadersMagnet only provides S.C.A.M. (superior care and management).

ReadersMagnet has been in the industry for over five years now. Since its establishment, it has diligently served its clients while patiently building its reputation as a legitimate self-publishing company. By being transparent with its basic information and services while constantly being available online, it has established contacts with other organizations within and outside the publishing industry.

ReadersMagnet partnered with the Kirkus Indie, Foreword Clarion, Ric Bratton, and reputable service companies for its publishing and marketing needs during its early years. Today, ReadersMagnet has already published 389 books and counting. On its official website, you can see its wide array of publishing and book marketing services, including the ReadersMagnet Bookstore, where visitors can purchase books online.

From Google Search rankings to business registration to customer reviews, ReadersMagnet has worked tirelessly to establish and promote its legitimacy in the industry.

Among the things that ReadersMagnet worked hard during its first two years in the business is to be recognized by legitimate organizations and business registration sites. In 2017, ReadersMagnet registered with the Better Business Bureau and earned A- rating months after. Today, ReadersMagnet has a BBB rating of A, the second-highest on the BBB scale.

Type and search ‘ReadersMagnet’ on Google. You will find not only ReadersMagnet’s official website on top but also its microsite- and, along with all the activities and information about the company. While detractors are also present online, it’s safe to say that ReadersMagnet’s visibility online speaks of its legitimacy.

Over the years, ReadersMagnet has accumulated positive customer reviews from various review sites, including Trustpilot Reviews,, Yelp, and many others. These positive reviews and client feedback testify to ReadersMagnet’s integrity and hard work.

Below are screenshots of customer reviews who left positive feedback on the Trustpilot Review site:

ReadersMagnet’s Web Traffic Optimization (WTO) program and other marketing services empower clients by helping them promote their brand online and cement their reputation as published authors.

In late 2019, ReadersMagnet launched its comprehensive digital marketing service for authors- the Web Traffic Optimization or the WTO program. Although its main thrust is to drive more traffic to an author client’s website, it covers many areas. Aside from the goal of increasing the number of visitors, WTO also aims to increase online visibility, engagement, and positive feedback. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blog Content, and Social Media Advertising are the three primary components of the WTO program. ReadersMagnet’s SEO specialists engage in white-hat off-page and on-page optimization, site audit, monitoring, and comprehensive reporting, giving authors an overview of their website’s performance. Blog articles and social media postings for each WTO client, in turn, increase ReadersMagnet’s online visibility and offer itself to criticism and feedback from our clients and the wider audience. That in itself is proof of ReadersMagnet’s legitimacy.

Recently, ReadersMagnet has made waves online because of its participation in various international book fairs, the latest being the Tucson Festival of Books. Next month, they’re set to join the upcoming Los Angeles Festival of Books. This is not the first time ReadersMagnet will participate in the annual LATFOB. ReadersMagnet organized its first-ever virtual book fair- The Festival of Storytellers during the height of the pandemic.

With regards to online visibility, ReadersMagnet is one of the most active self-publishing companies you will ever encounter online. It’s hard to be a scam and be online all year round, offering legit services and participating in prestigious activities.

To know more about ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing and dispel negative rumors about us, please visit our official website and check out what we’re up to lately.

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