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No need to leave the comfort of your homes because The Festival of Storytellers Season 3 is coming straight at you, live and virtually!

Witness stories coming to life as ReadersMagnet proudly brings Season 3 of The Festival of Storytellers this coming October 24 to November 6, 2022.

Famed authors will once gather in this annual event of virtual book storytelling, now on its third installment. Readers will get a chance to listen to their favorite authors taking the stage in an engaging narration of their books, breathing life into their stories’ characters and giving the readers a glimpse into the world of their creative writing process.

ReadersMagnet’s Vision

More than just gathering writers and bibliophiles, The Festival of Storytellers Season 3 (TFOS 3) is a conducive venue for networking and sharing thoughts, expressions, and ideas. Both writers and readers will get a chance to interact online with the slotted question-and-answer portions. The event will be a boiling pot of book themes, lessons, and pieces of advice. Authors’ will share their innovative and ingenious writing and thinking processes. There will also be an opportunity for honing book marketing and networking skills and strategies, taking the TFOS 3 participants into a dive into the world of self-publishing.

Get all of these and many more exciting insights and opportunities at The Festival of Storytellers Season 3, all within your reach with just a click of a button!

Interaction Made Easy & Fun!

It’s all about the participants’ festival experience, precisely what the TFOS 3 was aimed at and designed! TFOS Season 3 is all set with a fully redesigned online user experience, easy registration, and a smooth online navigating system. There will be games, quizzes, forums, roundtable discussions, catch-ups, networking, interviews, and many more; all spread out in this 2-week event. Big and exciting prizes await winners!

Why Storytelling?

What makes Vonne Solis’s Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter an endearing book for a broken-hearted person who suffered losing a loved one to suicide? Why does Reclaim, Restore, and Rebuild: Hope for Families Impacted by Sexual Brokenness by Carol L. Wagstaff instills hope among the hopeless? Does Wayne Scott Harral’s Moon Luck portray more than just the fictional side to it, opening up all the realistic possibilities of man inhabiting the moon? Or what makes Eleanor Gaccetta’s Generations of Good Food a go-to cookbook for heartwarming, easy-to-cook home recipes?

It all lies in the magic of storytelling.

Compelling storytelling boosts the audience’s imagination through clever weaving of words and thoughts in stories, stimulating the listeners’ or readers’ minds about what stories should be and what messages they need to communicate. Storytelling takes its audience to far-away places, opening their eyes to different people, places, cultures, and even traditions, building in them an empathetic character that bridges the gap between social diversity.  

There’s more!

Storytelling seeks to develop the communication skills of both the writer and its readers or listeners. So more than just learning and sharing a wide range of vocabulary, storytelling also helps its communicators on both ends to express themselves effectively well, their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. And as they go together through the journey of sharing stories, they’d pick up new words along the way, broadening and sharpening their vocabulary mental bank.

Storytelling also helps to improve social skills. Story audience would learn how to pay attention when someone is actively talking. They’d become more patient, open, and accepting of other people’s opinions.

And this is the ultimate goal of The Festival of Storytellers Season 3.

These are the values, and the benefits TFOS Season 3 hopes its participants will achieve at the end of its run that these authors and their books are more than just what their story represents. There are lessons to be learned, values to be gained and practiced, and most importantly, wisdom that needs to be imparted and shared with the rest of the world if we ever expect to live in a better world tomorrow.

Get inspired, enlightened, and have fun interacting. Join authors Vonne Solis, Carol L. Wagstaff, Wayne Scott Harral, Eleanor Gaccetta, Daniel Harry, Carol Wilson-Mack, Carl Brush, David Vancelette, Sam Bleicher, Luthie West, Terri Stadler, Gina Venable, Joab Stieglitz, Maurie Daigneau, Tricia Draper, Kishwar Mirza, and many more in this year’s The Festival of Storytellers!

Don’t Miss the Chance Grab the opportunity and ride the magical tide of this year’s The Festival of Storytellers Season 3 event this coming October 24 to November 6, 2022. Register at, or call 1-800-805-0762. For further assistance, please send us a message at [email protected].