The ReadersMagnet Book Confab in California in April 2023 ended victoriously. The triumph was due, in part, to the Confab-like activities at the LA Times Festival of Books almost a week before the #BookTok conference in San Francisco. Indeed, featured and visiting authors had a satisfying time sharing their stories and networking with other indie writers at the gathering.

The RM Book Confab in San Francisco was the second installment of the original service provided by ReadersMagnet. Anticipatedly, the event was more extraordinary and outstanding than its predecessor, the Tribeca Book Confab. From its talk show-like studio and high social media engagement, the Book Confab in California was exceptionally successful.

30-Minute #BookTok at the RM Book Confab in San Francisco

As promised, each featured author was given 30 minutes to speak about themselves and their books. Due to the excitement and free-speaking atmosphere, some authors even exceeded up to 45 minutes. Most of the time, however, was focused on reading excerpts from their literary masterpieces.

As welcoming as it was, visiting authors at the Confab were also given 10 to 15 minutes to share their stories with the audience. It was similar to the Confab-like atmosphere at the LATFOB at the University of Southern California a week ago. Apart from the impressive storytelling and book excerpt reading, the Q&A forum after each discussion became one of the exciting portions at the Book Confab in San Francisco. As expected, authors open-mindedly and generously responded to queries, including the ones from online comments.

Talk Show-Like Studio at the RM Book Confab in San Francisco

Owing to the creative minds of ReadersMagnet’s staff, the plain, ordinary gallery at Howard Street turned into a talk show-like studio. Bigger than the one in Tribeca, the company was able to maximize the place to accommodate book displays, feature authors with tarpaulins, and thankfully, set up long benches and couches, comfortable enough for authors to lean on.

Fashionable and sumptuous as it was to look at, featured authors became at ease to speak on the mic. The blue lighting and the slide shows also make the #BookTok more photographic, engaging, and Livestream-worthy. The orderly setup made the audience listen more intently, like the ones watching online.

Social Media Engagement at the RM Book Confab in San Francisco

As explained before the event in Tribeca last year and in San Francisco last month, the RM Book Confab utilized Open Mic and #BookTok as the main activities. To reiterate, #BookTok is a crowded community on TikTok with billions of views. Hence, ReadersMagnet secured videos for #BookTok entries, not only on Tiktok but also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Knowing the power of social networking sites, ReadersMagnet enabled livestream videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube while running Open Mic and #BookTok sessions. As a result, online viewers actively engaged during the conference by throwing reactions, comments, and questions. Consequently, the event became more engaging than its predecessor.

We look forward to making the Tribeca Book Confab again in the fourth quarter of the year. As always, we’re excited to beat our best selves again to ensure the best result for our self-published authors. For inquiries about our upcoming events here at ReadersMagnet, feel free to send us a message at [email protected] or directly call us at 1-800-805-0762 today! We are here to help you.