ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers is not just a virtual book fair to showcase authors and titles.

ReadersMagnet is no stranger to book fairs. Over the course of its existence, it has taken part in multiple national and international book fairs, including the Miami Book Fair, the Los Angeles Festival of Books, Tucson Festival of Books, Frankfurt International Book Fair, and many other book shows and exhibitions. But why do we do it? Why do authors participate in such an event? Is it merely to exhibit one’s books? Sell copies? Or to simply rub elbows with prominent figures? Book fairs more than that. With The Festival of Storytellers just a few weeks away, it is nice to remind ourselves of several reasons why attending TFOS 2021 is good for authors like you.

Opening Doors for Aspiring Authors

If you are an aspiring author or someone who has just recently published his or her debut novel, attending The Festival of Storytellers is great for you. Book fairs offer a leveled playing field for participating authors. Especially with ReadersMagnet virtual book fair, you can be sure to be given an equal opportunity to talk about your book and your author brand. The timing could not have been any better because sometimes, non-virtual events have several prerequisites. In actuality, you’re less guaranteed of visitors, especially if your booth is not strategically located or other logistical nightmares. TFOS 2021 is newbie and author-friendly.

Opportunities for Marketing Ideas

It would be a lie not to include this in our list of reasons. Of course, book fair participants want to promote their books and with the hope of also making sales. It would be unwise not to include that as your goal, especially if you are an aspiring or struggling author. However, ReadersMagnet’s virtual book exhibition is not all that. It’s also all about marketing your brand, your story, your message, the narratives you want to share. We want to promote the book physically as much as we want to promote the idea, the values, and the lessons. By doing so, we are not simply selling copies but also pursuing impact and relevancy as well. TFOS 2021 is good for your target market.

Cementing Your Author Reputation

National and international book fairs and other book shows are great for your portfolio. Since we are still struggling with the pandemic, virtual book fair is the name of the game. And ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers is not just another virtual event. It is a 6-day virtual book fair with over a hundred authors and personalities from various book genres and expertise. Our Author of the Hours guarantees maximum exposure, plus we have workshops and discussions headed by guest keynote speakers. When people look back to this event, it will be one of 2021’s remarkable book events. As an author, you would want to be associated with our book event. TFOS 2021 is good for your career and reputation.

Sharing One’s Journey and Wisdom

Attending book events, whether physical or virtual, is always good for any author. In book exhibitions and shows, you get to meet other authors. Some of them have made it, while some are still struggling like you. Either way, these encounters, and gatherings will make you wise and will enrich your character. With workshops, talks, and other features, The Festival of Storytellers also aims to empower participants and shower them with perspectives, knowledge, and encouragement they need to move forward with their journey. It is also a venue for seasoned authors to give back and share their insights with new and young authors. TFOS 2021 is about building community.

Never-Ending Growth For Everyone

The possibilities for attending book fairs are seemingly endless. Here you can meet other authors, potential partners, customers, and future fans of your work. The trick is to show up. Participating in talks, discussions, and events asking questions can help improve your knowledge of literature, writing, publishing, and of course, book promotion. More importantly, attending book fairs and observing other participants will provide you with your own recipe for success. Being an author does not end with your first publication; you have a responsibility to your audience and yourself. TFOS 2021 is building your author brand.