The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books (SDUTFOB) has welcomed ReadersMagnet (RM) as one of its sponsors this year. As a San Diego-based self-publishing and marketing company, RM is committed to enhancing the communities in the area. In line with that, the partnered organizations are dedicated to providing opportunities for authors and book lovers.

As a book fair sponsor at the SDUTFOB 2023, ReadersMagnet is not only solidifying its name in the industry. Most importantly, it helps in enhancing the credibility of self-published authors who are starting to establish a name in the world of books. The company believes the SDUTFOB 2023 is one of the authoritative book fair organizers to partner with. Aside from being an authority in spreading factual news, The San Diego Union-Tribune is a reliable source of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for book readers and authors. With the University of San Diego as its venue, the one-day event (August 19, 2023) will be a one-of-a-kind experience. It will also simultaneously run together with the RM Book Confab in San Diego.

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Aligned with the Values of the Company

The San Diego Union-Tribune, according to its website, aims to spread knowledge, build understanding, and create opportunity in the communities they serve. “Our community partnerships,” they further asserted, “are a big part of that effort.”

ReadersMagnet made sure that we are aligned with the values of The San Diego Union-Tribune as a book fair sponsor. In line with our core values of delivering superior quality and world-class author experience, we see to it that we respect what our partners prefer for their business.

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Strengthened Communities in San Diego

Tourism, international trade, and research are among the economic strengths of the Birthplace of California. The place also bears a rich culture, especially from the mixing of American and Mexican influences. Fairgoers will surely enjoy the experience of dealing with various cultures, ways of thinking, lifestyles, and literary skills.

When it comes to education, about 44.4% in San Diego ages 25 and above are said to hold bachelor’s degrees. The SDUTFOB 2023, where ReadersMagnet is a book fair sponsor, will be held at the University of San Diego. It’s a perfect place to gather educators, librarians, artists, publishers, and book enthusiasts alike.

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Broadened Opportunities for Indie Authors

Many self-published authors are still starting to build a name in the industry. This is why RM continually aims to find more ways to expose authors to as many events as possible. Attending the SDUTFOB 2023 with a book fair sponsor, like ReadersMagnet, will boost your author branding, book marketing, and social networking.

For sure, displaying your books and personally visiting the booth of ReadersMagnet at the event will make you proud as an author. Participants will surely give favor or prioritize visiting a sponsor’s booth as an appreciation for making the book festival as successful as possible. By then, you will realize that joining The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books with ReadersMagnet is one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Check this out for more information about the SDUTFOB 2023. Read this post for the RM Book Confab in San Diego. You may also consult with our professionals if you need further assistance about how to join our events here at ReadersMagnet. For a prompt response, reach out to us at 1-800-805-0762 or [email protected] today!