Too frequently, children’s books are regarded as entertainment for young ones. What most don’t grasp is that children’s books are one of the most important forms of literature—teaching children, along with their parents, about the world around them and cementing morals and wisdom. Children’s literature has a special place in the hearts of many. The stories you read as a child will stay with you into adulthood, and often, these stories sparked eternal love of literature. Check out these helpful tip on how to self-publish a children’s book in today’s competitive and fast-paced publishing industry.

Thereupon, children’s literature is regarded just as highly as other book genres. The careers of many celebrated writers have been defined by their contribution to the genre: Roald Dahl for his indelible books and Dr. Seuss for his creative use of wordplay. Children’s literature is exciting to explore as a writer since it can reach many generations and mean differently to every reader. So much enjoyment can come from reading stories to a child, but there is a different type of enjoyment when you write your own children’s story. 

The world of children’s book publishing is welcoming, but it has become harder than ever to get a book deal with a reputable publisher or even to find a literary agent. Fortunately, there’s a terrific alternative to traditional publishing for aspiring children’s book authors, like you, called self-publishing. Increasingly accessible and with a quicker turnaround than the traditional, self publishing children’s books are becoming more and more attractive. Below is a step-by-step guide to a magical launch of your children’s book. 

Understand the Self-Publishing Process

To self-publish or not to self-publish? For many aspiring children’s book authors, that is the question. While there is no one size fits all or easy approach to publishing, fully understanding your options can help you make an informed decision. Before actually committing to the self-publishing path, it’s always good to know what you’re going in for. Therefore, research is the key. Self-publishing takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication, but the rewards in the end are great. One benefit of self-publishing includes complete creative and artistic control without being limited to industry standards, which you aren’t entitled in traditional publishing.

Work with the Right People

The proverb, it takes a village to raise a child, could be said about publishing a book. While it is possible to do everything yourself, it is still challenging to achieve a professional result, especially if this is your first-time self-publishing. The quality of your physical book is crucial as it represents you, as an author, and your story. Therefore, working with professionals like a self-publishing company, illustrators, beta-readers, and editors can ensure a great result. 

ReadersMagnet is the right company you can work with. It is an established self publisher that will turn your vision into a gorgeous and amazing book that parents will want to read to their children, night after night. ReadersMagnet will not only assist authors like you during the self-publishing process but also beyond. 

Plan Marketing and Promotions

Sharing your book with the world can be daunting if you don’t have a marketing and promotional campaign in place. So if you’re publishing by yourself and wish for it to be read by many, you will have to learn how to market your books. Marketing is an integral part of publishing since it will boost your book’s exposure even before its physical publication. It also presents a friendly face behind your stories. Marketing and promotions are a means to connect and touch the hearts of children and parents anywhere. 

Pick Distribution Method

It’s now time to determine how you’ll share your wonderful children’s book with the world. A critical decision for children’s book authors is how to distribute self-published books. Should you open an account in online bookstores (e.g., Apple Books, Kobo)? Or find an aggregator (e.g., Amazon)? Or maybe deal with them individually? Authors today have a huge range of options across eBooks, print copies, and audiobooks. In choosing a distribution strategy, you will need to consider the advantages of signing up directly to a venue. Luckily, ReadersMagnet offers a wide range of services, including distribution methods to make your self-publishing process easy and smooth.