ReadersMagnet presents a 10-point complete guide on how to publish an e-Book successfully in today’s digital age.

Find a publishing partner.

It’s imperative that you find a professional partner for publishing and marketing your book, whether in a traditional format or an electronic one. Publishing partners provide authors, especially self-publishing authors, with all the advice, services, and resources to ensure the book’s success. E-book publishing is the latest trend, and you need all the help to be on top of the game.

Finalize your manuscript.

Your work should be spotless and ready for the world to see. To ensure that your book is free of errors, you must finalize your manuscript and undergo specific editing processes. Line editing, proofreading, and copy editing are three important processes before submitting your masterpiece to a traditional publishing house or a self-publishing company.

Choose an E-Book cover.

Even though you publish your book electronically, you must have a cover design. Book covers can sometimes make or break a book’s success. Choose a book design that best represents the narrative you want the audience to know. Ensure the plan is clear and the file size is not too big. Create an image Alt-text for your book cover as well. Your book cover is essential as it will represent your book on all digital platforms.

Select a publishing house.

For those publishing books in e-format, the choice is mainly between Amazon and “other platforms.” Every author needs to answer the question of choosing between Amazon exclusivity or going wide. Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s digital self-publishing platform and is widely used by many. However, you can also opt for other platforms such as iBooks (Apple), Barnes & Noble Press, Google Play Books, or Kobo Writing Life.

Do polish your metadata.

E-Book metadata refers to all the data about your book, including the title, pen name, e-book’s ISBN, published date, and other important information related to your book. It also contains your book’s description or synopsis, detailed author biography, and other marketing text to help readers find and know more about your book. If you want to sell your E-book fast, consult with your publishing partner on developing great metadata.

Format & then upload files.

Before publishing your book, the text needs to be converted into EPUB. EPUB is the file format used by e-book publishers. You can do this by asking your publishing partner for a book formatting/editing service, or you can do it yourself using the latest book editing technology. After that, you are ready to upload your formatted e-book and cover image to whatever platform you choose.

Decide on an e-Book price.

Deciding on a book price is one of the essential things you must do before publishing your e-book. Remember that your royalty rates will change on some platforms depending on the book’s price. The good thing is that you can constantly adjust your price from time to time. We advise choosing a reasonable price, one that will attract more readers.

Publish and launch E-Book.

Now here is the most important part. After carefully reviewing your book and preparing all the prerequisites above, it is time to finally publish your book for the world to see. Publishing in e-book format has many advantages because it is popular, easy to access, broad reach, and inexpensive to publish. Modern readers prefer e-books over hard copies because they are portable, cheaper to buy, and last longer.

Share the story with the world.

Now that your story is out there and live, it’s time to think of ways to market your book to a broader audience effectively. Just as your publishing partner was there during the first step, their presence will be crucial in this last step. Their wisdom and resources will again prove helpful in reaching out to a broader readership and ensuring that your e-book gets noticed online.

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