Every one of us wants to get heard when we talk. But before that, we want to look for opportunities to have a mic and an audience to talk to. The ReadersMagnet Book Confab in Tribeca, New York did just that: provide a mic and an audience for self-published authors.

The Book Confab in Tribeca is an original creation of the dedicated staff members of ReadersMagnet, one of the finalists of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics this year. The success of the event is the success of every author present during that time. This is especially true for the ones longing to get heard and share their stories with the world.

The Longing to Speak

Aside from writing down their thoughts, imaginations, stories, and experiences in books, independent authors want to speak their minds as well. The leaders of ReadersMagnet who organized and joined the event proved the longing of writers for their turn to speak.

Though some of them are nervous, experience stage fright, and are speaking in front of an audience for the first time, participating authors are excited to read excerpts from their books. They are eager to share their writing and publishing process experience. They’re enthusiastic enough to interact with co-authors and fairgoers.

The Yearning to Get Heard

The Book Confab’s tagline “Let Your Stories Be Heard” is based on the slogan of ReadersMagnet. Proven to be true, indie authors are yearning to get heard, be discovered, and reach out to more readers.

The pandemic has limited the movements of people around the world. Attending an in-person event, like the Book Confab, becomes an answer for writers seeking this one-of-a-kind opportunity to speak once again. The attendees are fortunate enough because some of the audience include film star Alex Hyde-White, veteran actor Jordan Rhodes, and celebrity hairstylist Bryn Leetch. The three are also self-published authors who have joined the exciting world of books.

The Desire to See More Audiences

Unlike Hyde-White, Rhodes, and Leetch, most indie authors are not popular among many book lovers. With that, many of them are attending book fairs for them to get noticed. Providentially, ReadersMagnet, a dedicated self-publishing and marketing agency in California, continually makes all efforts to bring authors to as many events as possible.

As mentioned above, the Book Confab at 72 Warren Street, Tribeca is an original initiative of ReadersMagnet. The best of all these endeavors is the integration of digital platforms to bring the Open Mic and #BookTok sessions from New York to the world. Have you thought of having more exposure? The online marketing efforts of ReadersMagnet have done a lot to help authors find a wider audience, from sending press releases to posting speech videos.

If you’re looking for more opportunities for in-person and virtual book events, get in touch with us here at ReadersMagnet. We have accommodating staff ready to listen to you at [email protected] or 1-800-805-0762. Contact us now!