What would you feel seeing a celebrity? How about talking with and reading a book by the same person? The attendees of the ReadersMagnet Book Confab in Tribeca are starstruck by the presence of the original Fantastic Four actor, Alex Hyde-White.

From the camera spotlight to the Book Confab, Alex Hyde-White has a fascinating story to share with the world. Born to an actor father and a stage-managing mother, Alex grew up adapting the nature of a performing artist. With that rich background, transitioning to an author might not be hard for a personality with an abundant supply of words and how to use them both in speaking and writing. ReadersMagnet, a finalist of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics 2022, is honored to welcome Hyde-White to the community of self-published authors.

Joining the World of Indie Authors

Since his pre-event interview with ReadersMagnet (RM), Alex has already expressed his excitement to be in the world of self-publishing. During his Open Mic discussion at the Book Confab, the Punch shared what he feels to be with independent authors who are doing everything they can to get noticed and reach out to potential buyers and readers.

“There is nothing more powerful,” Hyde-White asserted, “than being able to tell your story.” Indeed, RM is committed to helping share the stories of indie authors with the world to the best we can.

Hoping to Have an Influence

Truly, authors and writers alike can influence their readers, from the way how they think about the world around them and the way they do things after reading a book. Authors write for a purpose, and they want their literary works to get to the hands of individuals they have in mind while toiling night and day to put their words on paper.

After talking about the hope to have an influence, Hyde-White tackled the issue of overcoming the possibility of controlling things. He wants to use his book to draw a parallel between modern technology and the old ways of doing things.


Actor-Producer turned Author Alex Hyde-White did a #BookTok of his book entitled “In The Volume” at the #readersmagnet Book Confab at Tribeca, NYC.

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Capturing Action Finitely

During the Book Confab in Tribeca, Alex further explained what “In the Volume” means. Aside from being in the game, he added that “in the volume” speaks about the amount of time and space necessary to capture actions in a finite manner. It’s what filmmakers do when they let the cameras run and capture the movements, the stories, the emotions, and the moments the artists are trying to portray. In connection to that, Alex has also spoken about the “simultaneity of time” or the fact that whatever happens in your life, it is still happening.

In his book, the original Fantastic Four actor chronicled the actions captured in the films and television where he has lived and breathed for decades now. It is the story that he wants to share with his readers, a story full of lessons that he wants young people should learn, especially if they’re planning to join the world of show business.

Alex Hyde-White is one of the famous personalities who have found writing as a good and remarkable way of putting their stories in a more vivid and long-lasting manner. After all, what we have seen about them in movies and television shows are the characters they’re trying to portray, not the real person behind the scene.

To learn more about Alex, you can check out his website at www.alexhyde-white.com. You can also browse our previous blogs here at ReadersMagnet to read more about Hyde-White. Feel free to reach out to us at info@readersmagnet.com or 1-800-805-0762 for more information.