Beauty, style, emotion, eloquence, and intelligence, Bryn Leetch has put them together in her book, Beneath the Mask. ReadersMagnet was honored to have Bryn at the Book Confab in Tribeca, New York on the first week of November this year.

“From hairstyled looks to writing books,” as indicated on her website, Bryn Leetch is a two-time Emmy-nominated hairstylist. She finds writing as an effective way to share her artistry and optimism for “the Year that Changed the World Forever… 2020.” She has described Beneath the Mask as a book for self-help, art, and history.

Self-Help Book

Bryn Leetch’s Beneath the Mask consists of poems and short stories. Through these literary masterpieces, she tries to inspire readers to find hope and optimism amidst the pandemic. She recited some of these powerful verses with enough potency and emotion during the ReadersMagnet Book Confab in New York.

Truly, the pandemic that started in 2020 is the story of us all. “I wanna tell you about my book,” said Bryn, “but really, you’re gonna tell me about it because this is your story.” Favorably, co-authors and book enthusiasts surrounded Bryn with ready ears prepared to listen to her.

Art Book

As the book cover implies (the earth with a mask), artist and author Bryn Leetch uses images to illustrate her poetic short stories vividly. As a celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist for more than two decades, Bryn has worked with Annabelle, The Avengers, and Pirates of the Caribbean. She has become more notable with The Hunger Games (2012), Snatched (2017), and Stuber (2019).

Combining words and images is indeed a compelling way of describing what happened behind the mask of COVID-19. It was demonstrated by Bryn herself with her emphatic rendition of #BookTok while reading excerpts from Beneath the Mask at the Book Confab.

History Book

One of the assertive (and controversial) pieces of Leetch’s book is the story of George Floyd. It’s a phenomenal event that inflamed activism during the coronavirus pandemic. “George might be remembered as a hero or just as a man,” read Bryn. “He started a movement,” she continued, “without knowing, and we’re doing all that we can. ‘Oh, Lord, hold him up by example we will learn.’ There’s no difference between black and white. It’s time to move forward, and time to discern between what is wrong and what is right.”

The Book Confab participants applauded Bryn Leetch for about a minute after reciting her George Floyd entry. It’s just one of the many stories that happened during the pandemic, chronicled in our contemporary history, and would last forever.


Watch Bryn Leetch as she gave a heartfelt #BookTok reading for her book entitled “Beneath the Mask” at the #ReadersMagnet Book Confab in Tribeca, NYC.

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