Why wait for people to chance upon your book one day? Be proactive in attracting potential readers! Engage in personally advertising your book through mediums that are accessible to almost everyone anywhere. Start by joining an author interview with The Festival of Storytellers Season 3.

Publicizing your book is among the most challenging process of being an author. It doesn’t help that it’s also the principal step in making one successful.

Writing a book is gratifying. However, it’s a different level of fulfillment when someone buys a copy of it. There’s pleasure in knowing someone is reading what you poured your hard work and soul into. Perhaps, only then can you confidently claim that you’ve successfully become an author.

Sales don’t define an author’s prowess. But it does influence their reputation, which in turn draws in more readers. It’s boosting your ego and helping your finances at the same time.

Putting Your Book (and Yourself) Out There

The benefits of promoting a book are right in front of you. The process of doing it and getting the best results remains vague.

You have the option of gathering book reviews on Amazon. But that can’t happen if not a single soul knows your book. Social media can also help advertise your material. But it’s no guarantee you’ll be reaching potential readers through your friend list.

Feeling a little lost? Here’s a little guidance. What do you do to know more about something or someone? If it’s a thing, you can search the internet about it. But if it’s a person, you interview them!

How is this relevant to you?

You can maximize the benefits of an interview with The Festival of Storytellers Season 3 and their Author Interview!

The Festival of Storytellers

The Festival of Storytellers of TFOS is a virtual book fair initiated by ReadersMagnet. It’s an online platform where authors, readers, and book enthusiasts meet and have the perfect avenue to share their thoughts and ideas. Authors can discuss their books and advocacies through the online slotted question-and-answer portion.

Most deem this swift back and forth between the author and their reader insufficient. Sometimes, a question-and-answer isn’t enough for the authors to share their ideas, opinions, and compelling journey toward accomplishing their books.

This is why TFOS provides authors the perfect chance with their author interview segment!

Author Interview

With the hopes of bringing authors and readers closer and letting the latter take a peek into the author’s world, TFOS offers authors to book their interviews.

Each interview can last five or ten minutes, depending on the author’s preference. The interviewer maximizes this by offering a thorough conversation about the book, its primary message, and the author’s journey. If deemed necessary, the author also has the liberty to shift the interviewer’s discussion to a more important topic. They may even prepare personally curated questions beforehand to prepare themselves and center the conversation where it matters.

Everything is entirely at the author’s discretion!

Most authors would think that a ten-minute interview is inadequate to have a thorough discussion about their masterpieces. For this, ReadersMagnet allows its authors to book a maximum time of 20 minutes for an interview.

Still not enough?

In a time when most people are fed and accustomed to short and quickly changing media content, this five to ten-minute interview is already optimized for the best result. This means the interview isn’t too fast nor too long that watchers end up distracted away from it. The primary message is what’s most important in every interview. As long as it’s conveyed, chances are potential readers will increase.

Additionally, the author’s interview will be streamed on The Festival of Storytellers site and ReadersMagnet Youtube and Facebook channel. Hence, the authors are assured that the appropriate audience – book enthusiasts and loyal readers – will view the interview.

If you’re interested, you can reach out to ReadersMagnet and secure your spot for an interview. See you!