There are between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published every year in the US alone. On average, they sell less than 250 copies each. With these given data on book publishing, what will you do to make you and your book stand-out? The answer is marketing. With the fast-paced book competition around the world, you need to engage yourself in the hands of the powerful marketing. If you are still in doubt, here are the things that marketing can help you.
It Builds Your Association with Your Book
Most authors overlook the importance of the author and book’s publicity. The thing is you can’t sell your books if you keep hiding in the shadows and pushing your book in the forefront. Gone are the days that the author’s unknown identity is patronized, today’s readers want authors with substance, and authors that they can derive inspiration from. As authors, you need to create your very own brand just like how other companies created brands for their products. Out of this brand comes your identity that will set you apart from any other authors. Once your readers perceive the image of your identity, it is easier for them to associate you with your work, thus creating more sales for your book. Be sure to create the image that will make your book better than the one on the shelf next to it.
Marketing Gets the Word-Out

So that books can gain sales, you and your book must be known to your readers and prospect customers. If your book is unknown to the community it will surely be gone with the wind. You need to build a strong connection to them and that is through marketing. Marketing allows you to spread your news, updates, and identity to the populace. By doing this, you are creating awareness for them and you’re able to reach the readers pedestal. As an author, you should never underestimate the power of the word-of-mouth and you can only gain this once your marketing strategy has already got the word-out for you

Provides You and Your Book’s Reputation

Your 150,000 copies often rely on the solid reputation that you’re able to build. Marketing helps you build your identity recognition and recall your book with your name. Marketing can do this through effective communication and highlighting your books’ overall package. When you’re able to reach and surpass the expectations of your readers you’re putting your reputation on a firmer ground. To say, by forming your reputation you are creating the possibilities of boosting your books’ sales. Be sure to have one.

As marketing succeeds in branding books, words are spread around the world and garnering curiosity to the people. This is where the main purpose of marketing comes in and that is gaining more sales by creating your publicity. You can never go wrong with marketing and authors should not disregard this powerful tool in generating more sales. You need to remember that you are using the product that you are using today because some great marketing strategy delivers them to your knowing. With this, create the same thing for your book, delivers them into the hands of your readers because you have a great marketing strategy.