Did you know that readers don’t really care about you? They care more about how you can help them through your book or books. This is the reason why building an author brand surrounding your book is essential. It follows that you should also know what kind of product your book is.

What type of product is your book? Have you thought about that? Whether you like it or not, you as an author are a brand and your book is a product you’re trying to sell. For instance, Burger King is a brand with different burger products, such as Whopper, Beef, Chicken, Salads & Veggies, and even Fish. Your book must offer something to your audience for it to gain sales. Burger King wants you to “Have It Your Way.” How about your book? What does it offer?

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It solves a problem.

All products, whether a book or not, must offer some kind of a solution to a particular problem. Obviously, Burger King wants to fill an empty stomach, but they want it your way, your rule. This is why they offer various types of burgers to choose from.

If you are writing science fiction, you might want to show how a certain technology can be used in an unthinkable way. Or, you might want to invent a new device that doesn’t exist yet but could solve a human problem in the future. If you’re a nonfiction author, empowering readers through your story, education, career, or expertise could be something you can offer.

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It’s an extension of your brand.

Before we dig deeper into answering what type of product is your book, we want you to remember that you’re a brand. An author brand is about how readers experience your product (your book) other than how they see you as a person whatever background you come from.

The different burgers of Burger King are extensions of the company’s branding of doing things your way or your rule. Your book is an extension of your sense of humor, your seriousness in dealing with societal problems, your desire to help solve financial problems, your motivation to empower career-oriented individuals, or your longing to simplify the world for children.

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It helps cement your legacy.

Many authors are retired adults or approaching a more advanced age. It is possible that writing is not really an interest they are into during their younger years. They write a book and publish it only to leave a legacy to their children, grandchildren, or anyone else they want to influence. Thus, building a legacy could answer the question, “What type of product is your book?” It’s a product that could last for decades or longer.

If you’ve written a memoir, it is expected that you’ve presented it in a biographical manner. Depending on what legacy you want to leave, we assume that you don’t just tell a story for the sake of telling a story. You may teach a philosophical thought or religious belief you lived by throughout your lifetime. If you’re writing a novel, you might want to present how beautiful the English language is and how it can help readers imagine a non-existing world through written words.

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