How many times do you attend a book fair a year? Do you regularly reach out to your book fans? When was the last time you had a conference with authors? Attending a book confab, especially in New York, is beyond what you can do in your room thinking about the next chapter of your novel.

A confab, especially for authors, is not just a simple gathering where you can find someone to talk to. Attendees would include publishers, illustrators, librarians, marketers, and other book enthusiasts. With this in mind, a book fair in Tribeca, New York will give you a big opportunity to connect with individuals of the same interest as you do.

The following items are the things that you can do to take advantage of the event.

Grab a Mic and Talk
Though many authors are introverts, a public gathering could awaken your sleeping but scintillating personality. You may have the opportunity to go to the stage, talk to the audience, share your thoughts, or read an excerpt of your book in public.

Yes, there are book confabs wherein you can publicly express your mind despite not being the main speaker. The fact of the matter is that everyone, even fairgoers, can have the chance to speak and be heard by other participants. It’s a tremendous opportunity for you to expose yourself and your literary works.

Go Out with Fairgoers
If you’re the type of author who is always on the go for book events, it is possible that you have already built a relationship with other writers and even publishers. Aside from reuniting with familiar faces, you can meet new players in the industry of self-publishing. You can hang out with old and new friends and share your experiences in the world of books.

A book confab is not necessarily a super serious occasion. You may crack jokes, share witty stories, or anything appropriate in a circle of book nerds. While having a coffee break, you may share information, such as social media accounts, calling cards, bookmarks, book copies, and more. Spending dinner together might also trigger a long-lasting relationship or collaboration beyond book writing.

Get Event Documentation
The most exciting part of the event is taking photos and videos, which is highly relevant if you are active on social media and blogging. In our contemporary world, enjoying an event is not already an exclusive experience. If you’re from a more advance generation, you might still have to learn the power of doing live videos on Facebook. Nonetheless, you can choose whichever way you want to keep precious memories.

Beyond keeping memories, though, you would also want to utilize photos and videos for your author branding and book marketing. After all, marketing is one of the top reasons why you have to attend book fairs. You can file your documents for your social media posting, blog article, autobiography, and other ways to recollect treasured moments.

If you’re looking for a book confab this fall season, you’re in the right place. We, at ReadersMagnet, are organizing the same event on October 28-30, 2022 in Tribeca, New York. This book fair goes together with The Festival of Storytellers, which will be running from October 24 to November 6, 2022.

For further information about our coming events designed for authors, feel free to get in touch with us at 1-800-805-0762. You may also send a message to Reach out to us today!