It was not the first time, and it will never be the last time. ReadersMagnet continues to patronize The London Book Fair (LBF) and is positive to bring more authors into the international arena of literary creation. It’s a good start to facilitate one of our valued authors—W. Scott Harral—at the second largest book fair in the world.

The London Book Fair 2023 ended a week ago with a blast. From discussing climate change to traveling to fantasy fiction, the LBF proves to be the hub of the book world. ReadersMagnet (RM) was able to display books for the second time and facilitated book signing for the first time. Continue reading to learn more about what happened and what’s next!

ReadersMagnet’s First Book Signing

W. Scott Harral, the author of the science fiction Moon Luck, is one of ReadersMagnet’s most valued authors. We are honored to bring an American indie author to the international arena. Despite some challenges along the way, Scott made it to Olympia London for his book signing event.

With more than a hundred books in the background, Scott successfully signed many copies of his Moon Luck novel at RM’s Booth Stand No. 6A90. Fairgoers would be happy to experience a “moon luck” blended with mystery and thriller. ReadersMagnet is positive that more authors will participate in the future to bring varied experiences to the world of books.

The Hub of Literary Masterpieces

More than a hundred books from the United States were showcased by ReadersMagnet at The London Book Fair 2023, from April 18 to 20. Even without the authors themselves, the displayed books attracted hundreds, if not thousands, of book lovers to Olympia. Seeing the books alone exhibited at the hub of the publishing world makes indie writers excited and glad. RM staff went on Facebook Live to directly report what was happening at the event for authors to see in real-time.

With a regular attendee of 25,000 fairgoers, LBF entertained visitors and exhibitors with discussions about sustainability and charity on top of regular industry-related topics. As more books are added to library piles, the prices of literary works also rise. Brian Murray, the CEO and president of HarperCollins, told the fair that “big, double-digit increases” in things like paper and freight costs mean book “prices need to adjust to offset some of that”, wrote the Bookseller.

What to look forward to in 2024

Fresh from The London Book Fair 2023, organizers are already showing teasers for future LBF events. Indeed, the three days of learning, networking, and doing business seem to be not enough for the attendees. Hence, the facilitators are looking forward to meeting thousands of fairgoers again next year.

Nonetheless, while on an FB Live, RM staff shared about the upcoming LA Time Festival of Books and ReadersMagnet Book Confab in California, including the Hong Kong Book Fair in Hong Kong and the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. These and other book events are still happening this year.

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