ReadersMagnet is proud to present the list of participating authors for The Festival of Storytellers 2021.

The Festival of Storytellers is just a couple of weeks away. ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair, which will run from April 23rd to April 25th and April 30th to May 2nd, 2021, will gather over a hundred authors, speakers, and resource persons to celebrate wonderful and inspiring stories from all over the United States. On that note, we are very excited and proud to present the list of participants for The Festival of Storytellers 2021.

TFOS 2021: List of Participating Authors

Children’s/Picture Books

  • Lynda Daniele / Granda Nick’s Bump
  • Lynda Hamblen / William and Tibby Forever
  • Caroleann Rice / The Ladybug and the Bully Frog
  • Nelibeth Plaza / Is It Santa?
  • Rosella Calauti / Friends: Here…There…Everywhere!!!,
  • Vastine East / Masai Man
  • Curtis Booher / The Circus Has Left Town
  • Janet Councilman / Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift
  • Ted Landkammer / I Wish I Had An Elephant
  • Jo Anne Cushman Burrill / Granny’s Trilogy
  • Laura Hotchkiss / Why Not Walnut

Romance / Fiction Novels

  • Carlton Randolph Crane / So Much to Give
  • W. Veronica Lisare / The Other Side Of Fear: My Journey Into Perfect
  • Luthie M. West / Spiritdancer: The Blade of Baresi
  • Monique Boyd / Jasmine: A Woman of Color
  • Louis Tabor / Spread Your Wings
  • Dale O Cloninger / The Ninth Passage
  • Linda Blum/ Garden Isle Twins
  • Dee Morrison Meaney / Dreams That Are Done
  • Wilbur Shapiro / The Anecdotal Odes of Wilbur Shapiro

Spiritual and Inspirational

  • Doris Lance / Botanical Reflections: Capture Your Days in Words and Pictures
  • Charles Lewis Anthony / Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved
  • Theresa McMorrow Jordan / Get Crowned!: Sparking a Heaven on Earth Transformation!
  • Sharon Arrindell (Smith) / Embracing Our Queenly Anointing: Anointed for such a time as this (Esther 4:14)
  • Dough Rowland / Old Testament Stories for New Testament Strength
  • Ken Powe / Visions and Dreams
  • Grace Tallman / The Birds Still Sing: My Journey of Resilience Through Postpartum Depression
  • Marianna Albritton / Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God?
  • Donatus Okafor / Deliverance for the Saved
  • Alvina Platt-Gregory / Poetic Parables
  • Carol Wilson-Mack / Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations
  • Mary Rumble Flemming / What is Your Prayer?
  • Pamela Aye Simon / Hey God: If My Life Has A Purpose, Why Does It Look Like a Circus
  • Lynn Roberson / The Beautiful Truth
  • Kishwar Mirza / Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart
  • Irene Prospere / Jesus, the Ultimate Counselor
  • Teresa Dye / Poetry To Live By
  • Alfred Cherubim / The Miracles of Jesus Christ and His Apostles in the Bible
  • Cecile Labar / Faith
  • Harold B. Coles / Who’s Your Father?: The Prodigal Son
  • Cecil Labar / Amazing Caring Woman
  • Trinidad Rodriguez / Trini: My Life of Poems
  • Francis Heelan / Trinidad Rodriguez / Trini: My Life of Poems
  • Ida Tody / Return to God U.S.A.
  • Marvin Schrebe / Pathways of the Heart
  • Elton Buller / From Life to Life: A Collection of Poetry and Prose
  • Harvey Hames / Bible Understanding
  • Lionel Harris / Racism, Sexism, Trumpism, Pseudo Christianity and Cinema

Memoirs and Biographies

  • Eleanor Gaccetta / One Caregiver’s Journey
  • Zedart Hodges / The Beginning… The End… Anew!
  • Edith Vosefski / The Nine Lives of Curious Edith
  • Jack Weaver / Going Going: The Abduction of a Mind
  • Anne Davey Koomans / Beyond Barriers
  • Charles Marquez / BLT: Blessed Lucky Tenacious
  • Honor Mamath / I Remember the Risorgimento: From the Memoirs of Jessie W. Mario
  • Denson W Jones / Inspirations
  • Raymond Doyen / Moments in Time
  • Isabel-Rose Kulski / The Saints of Zara: An Intimate Memoir

Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Thrillers

  • Gina Venable / Closer to Home
  • Paul Shemella / Jungle Rules
  • Collette Jackson Fink / Sons of Twilight
  • Scott Harral / Moon Luck
  • Kennon A. Keith / The Bullying of Natalie Cordova
  • Winslow Swan / Bits and Pieces
  • Benoit Blanchard / Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel
  • Connie Arnold / Standing in My Shadow
  • Rick Badman / The Madhouse Projects and The Russian Madhouse
  • Wanda Draper / The Witness: Unfolding the Anatomy of a Killer
  • Dale O Cloninger / The Ninth Passage
  • Rick Vasquez / All Kids Go to Heaven
  • Gordon E. Abbo / A Meeting of Two Worlds: Alien Allies in the War on Terror
  • Karen East / Sanctuary
  • Camilo Iribarren / Investigative Deception
  • Victoria R. Maybury / Fire & Ice
  • Christian Towers / Encounters in Moca

Non-Fiction/ Guide Books

  • Aura D. McClain / Happiness in Quantum Leaps: De-stressing WITHOUT DRUGS!
  • Neil Farber / Throw Away Your Vision Board: The Truth about the Law of Attraction, The Blame Game, and Making Lemonade
  • Myra Weiner / Uprooting the Poison Tree
  • Robert Knapick / Choose to Be Happy”: “And I choose Happiness over Sadness!”
  • Edward Averill / Living a Human Life: Coping with What Comes Before Us
  • Scott Rahn / The Book of It
  • Bobbie J. McLaren / The Sounds At River’s Edge
  • Alene Dunn / Memories of the Way it Was
  • Josie M. Boone / The Power of Forgiveness
  • Fred Perrotta / Packing Light
  • Leann Hackman-Carty / Master Your Disaster
  • Shannon Gabrielle Hartup / Help! I Have Head Lice!
  • Patsy Moore / Things I’ve Come to Realize in the Past Few Days
  • Scott A. Kleiner / Taking the History of Science Really Seriously
  • Carolyn Nooks Teague / Three Dimensions of Learning: A Blueprint for Learning from the Womb to the School
  • Thomas McLoughlin / Plant Fossil Atlas from (Pennsylvanian) Carboniferous Age Found in Central Appalachian Coalfields
  • Quinton Crawford / The Global Situation
  • Lorna Bennett / The Learning-Disabled Child Wants to Learn
  • Alana Brayboy / Rescued

Don’t miss the first-ever ReadersMagnet’s virtual book fair, The Festival of Storytellers, and get a chance to know more about these fantastic authors and their respective works. You can also visit our page today.

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