Advertising yourself in social media is one of the elements of online marketing strategy. Along with the dynamic website, SEO through blogging, and book trailers they form a comprehensive online marketing campaign. However, it is not enough to simply create a social media account and just stuff it with the usual info and samples of your other marketing materials. Every self-published author should make her social media profile as interesting as possible to generate buzz within the social media community. This will hopefully lead his/her visitors to his/her official website and for them to take more action which will hopefully translate into commercial and critical gains for the author and the brand.

  1. Write an awesome bio. It all starts with introducing yourself with an amazing biography.  Aside from your professional profile pic and cover photo, be sure to come up with an amazing and interesting biography.
  2. Choose a catchy quote.A quote is a powerful headline. You can draw a line from your book or quote a line from a book review.  You can place it as a cover photo, as part of your profile info, or you can choose to regularly publish a quote each day.
  3. Tinker with Twitter chats.With 140 words at your disposal, you can connect and engage with fellow writers, social media influencers, experts and your followers.
  4. Use your hashtags wisely. Hashtags are very important increating a solid blog post or any social media post. They glue together the idea you are trying to convey to your viewers.
  5. Increase your contacts. The great thing about social media is you can reconnect with old classmates, colleagues and even relatives. Who knows, your next literary agent or publisher might be among your old circle from high school.
  6. Mini-blogs on Facebook. Update your status, share a link to your blog or write an article using the Notes feature, share your ideas on Facebook through a blog.
  7. Write long LinkedIn articles. LinkedIn is a professional social media site and publishing long, quality articles help increase your reputation as a serious writer.
  8. Join writing groups/communities. Social media is a great way to meet, collaborate, and interact with other writers. Inspire and be inspired by others by being active in Facebook groups and other online communities.
  9. Consistently deliver content. Make your social media profile lively by regularly filling it with content, news, and updates.
  10. Manage updates and curate content. You don’t just upload and publish content when you like. Make sure that you schedule and manage whatever content or article you upload or publish in your social media account.
  11. Be an authority on social media.You can do this by providing quality content, managing your social media well, and by actively participating in relevant groups. Establish yourself as a reliable and credible source of information.
  12. Engage your audience actively. Make sure to reply to inquiries, comments or statements by viewers whether through the comment sections or through personal messages. Interacting with your site visitors is always healthy.
  13. Include eye-candies in your posts. Vivid images and cool videos are very enticing and will help your visitors stay longer or revisit your site. Include them in your social media content.
  14. Maintain a positive vibe when live.Negativity and passivity has no room in any social media profile especially for those hoping to inspire their readers. If you cannot think of anything positive to post then just take a break.
  15. Repost, Retweet, and Reblog.You can’t expect everyone to see your post the first time you publish it. So share your story again and again. In fact, news stations air a story twice or three times a day. You publish a post twice or three times within the same week.
  16. Optimize your visuals.Images and videos are easy to rank in SEO Google search. Optimize your visual materials by providing links back to your social media account from your website or the other way around.
  17. Target Website Visitors with Social Ads.Make sure your visitors do more than browse your page. Encourage them to leave a mark such as a “like” or a comment. Then you can follow them to their social media sites like Twitter or Facebook and engage them further.
  18. Organize Hangout on Air events. Through Google+ Hangouts on Air (HOA) events you can set up a private conversation with the right audience. It can be a simple conversation with a chosen topic or something more interactive like a trivia night session.
  19. Be socially-relevant. It is important for author to not only get media attention but to also be regarded as a serious writer and a person of substance.  Connect with your audience by taking time to tweet or post your views about issues that are now relevant and other things that you feel strongly about.
  20. Keep your social media updated. The latest news, updates, future events, and milestones should appear not only in your website but more importantly in your social media accounts. There are likely more visitors in your social media than in your site and that is why you must make sure its content is up to date and constantly in your contact’s news feed updates. An active and dynamic social media will always generate interest from the online community. So keep those posts, tweets, and blogs coming.

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